Hamid the self-serving hypocrite, Re: A Heinous Crime and a Double Standard, FrontPage Magazine, March 12, 2012

There is no doubt that the American soldier who murdered 16 Afghan civilians in their homes in the early hours of the morning the other day committed a heinous crime and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There is also no doubt that he will be. Murdering civilians as they sleep is a barbaric, inhuman act no matter who does it, Americans, Palestinians anyone, and there simply is no excuse or rationalization for doing so. The American military and the American people rightfully take this breach of discipline and morality very seriously and the soldier, a 38 year old Staff Sergeant, will pay a heavy price, perhaps even including the death penalty, for doing what he did. There may be mitigating circumstances which will come out at his trial but what he did was plainly unacceptable and he will be called to account.

That is not the issue. The issue is Hamid Karzai’s hypocrisy and his attempt to appease the Taliban and their supporters in his government and personal circle by using this rare, unfortunate incident to vilify and discredit the American military while accepting its money and protection and ignoring or justifying heinous crimes committed by the Taliban and ordinary Afghans, crimes which are committed infinitely more frequently than any committed by Americans. That’s very self-serving and very hypocritical. That’s also very typical because playing both ends against the middle like that is something Karzai has always done…its how he’s survived this long.

Rightly or wrongly, Americans from the President on down prostate themselves and apologize to all and sundry when unfortunate instances occur and take steps to make sure they don’t happen again, steps which sometimes jeopardize the lives of American soldiers and civilians. Neither Karzai or anyone in his government or personal circle has apologized to the Americans or anyone else for crimes committed against them nor has Karzai or anyone in his government or personal circle called for the perpetrators to be captured and tried and held responsible. American soldiers and civilians have been murdered in cold blood by the Taliban and their supporters recently in response to the mistaken, inadvertent burning of Koran’s that were defaced by Islamists. These murders were not acts of war regardless of what anyone says. Did Karzai or anyone else in his government or personal circle apologize or offer condolences or pledge to bring the perpetrators to justice? No they did not.

Hypocrisy and double standards are alive and well in Afghanistan and are exemplified by Karzai and his government. One thing is certain. Americans have far less to apologize for in Afghanistan than they do and in the end the Taliban will make them pay for their duplicity and corruption, no matter what they do to try and prevent it. It won’t be pretty once the Americans leave and are no longer there to protect them but hey, perhaps condolences will suffice. If Obama is still President he can even apologize some more.

Fat lot of good another apology would do aye?

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