Last word on the United Church of Canada, for now anyway, Re: Proposed boycott of Israel put on hold, Vancouver Sun, August 14, 2009

The United Church of Canada missed a¬†great opportunity to advance the cause of peace in the Middle East when it passed a motion to “take no action” on the anti-Israel resolutions at it’s recent General Council. Instead of taking a principled, knowledgeable position against the obviously biased, misguided and hateful resolutions it decided to take none at all and allow member bodies to act on these sentiments as they see fit.

This total lack of leadership guarantees that the usual suspects will raise these ridiculous assertions again and again, to the embarassment and detriment of the Church…embarassment because no thinking person with any kind of real understanding of the Middle East could possibly give any credibility to them or the people who spout such nonsense and detriment because in trying to be all things to all people it becomes nothing to anybody.

No wonder the Church has lost so many members. Any organization has to stand for something to survive and non decisions like the one at the General Council will make many current members question what the Church actually does stand for and make potential members think again before joining such a weak kneed body.

Whatever else the General Council accomplished it certainly provided no leadership at all, harmed the Church and did nothing to increase the possibility of peace between Israel and it’s neighbors and a better, more prosperous life for Palestinians.

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