What to do about Islam?, Re: After Toulouse, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, March 23, 2012

There is no question whatsoever that Islam is at war with the West and means to conquer it and force everyone to live under Sharia, Islamic law. Islam is both expansionist and supremacist and has no tolerance or forgiveness for those who are not Islamists (followers of Islam) and no ability to accept or allow viewpoints or lifestyles that are not Islamic, not sanctioned and permitted by the Koran and the rest of the Islamic narrative. If Islam prevails, freedom, democracy and the Western way of life will disappear and a new dark age will descend upon the earth. Islam has been trying to conquer and force non-believers to submit to it since it first came into existence 1,400 years ago so this is nothing new. It is what Islam does and has always done.

In the aftermath of the murders in Toulouse the question arises…what can we do to stop it? What can Western governments and ordinary citizens do to overcome and defeat it, to defend, protect and preserve Western civilization?

Here are some ideas.

Every time a citizen of a Western country, Muslim or not, commits an act in the name of Islam or Islamic law that contravenes the law of the land prosecute him or her to the fullest extent possible. That will make it clear to Islamists and apologists for Islam that Islamic law does not take precedence over secular law and that religious practices which contravene secular law will not be accepted or condoned, especially if they are violent, misogynistic, racist or an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Every time Islamists ask a community or institution in a Western country to make concessions in order to accommodate Islam or Islamic practices, refuse. Make sure that communities and institutions aren’t changed by Islamists in order for them to practice Islam and fulfil their religious obligations, especially if the concessions and accommodations involve building Mosques or involve changes in how institutions like courts and schools operate.

Insist that Western governments do a much better job of vetting potential immigrants from Islamic countries and that they close the door to anyone who does not subscribe to Western values and refuses to live according to Western law. If a potential immigrant insists on living according to Islamic law and practice or refuses to accept the supremacy of Western law and practice refuse them entry and don’t let them in.

Deport any non-citizen who commits a criminal act in the name of Islam or incites others to do the same, in public, on the internet, through social media or any other means. For good measure, deport anyone who on the balance of probabilities is likely to do so as well.

Take back the streets. There are no-go areas in every Western country where authorities and ordinary citizens fear to tread, where Islam is predominant and Islamist thugs enforce Islamic law, where Islamists commit crimes with impunity, where non-Islamists are not welcome and kept out. That cannot be permitted and has to change. So does the practice of filling public areas during prayer times and making them inaccessible and unusable for non-Islamists.

Ban the Koran and remove it from the public sphere because it incites violence, hatred, discrimination and murder. Books that express opinions about outsiders are one thing. Books that incite people to act violently, that mandate, legitimize and require violence like the Koran does, are quite another. It is much more than hate speech, which is bad enough. It calls on its readers to commit atrocities and requires Islamists to commit them. That’s incitement and there can be no place for it in civilized societies.

Quit electing politicians like President Obama. Obama is incapable of understanding and recognizing the severity of the problem and doesn’t have the backbone to take remedial measures even if he did. He is very typical in that sense. Until we elect politicians with strength, courage, foresight and real instead of fake, opportunistic love of country and Western values who are willing and able to take on and defeat the scourge that is Islam it will plague us, pure and simple.

Those are some of the ideas which come to my mind. I know they sound harsh but they are necessary if Islam is to be stopped and Western civilization is to survive. There are also many far harsher ones out there and they aren’t harsh at all when one looks at the reality of Islam and not the rhetoric. We are after all at war with Islam and if we lose we will find ourselves living under Islamic law and our way of life will be a thing of the past.

And make no mistake, losing is what we’re doing.


The time to act is now, while we still can.

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