Meetings need to address basic issue, Re: Mubarak in Washington, Jerusalem Post, August 18, 2009

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s trip to Washington and meetings with Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama will bring us no closer to peace in the Middle East because the most basic issue of all won’t be discussed in any meaningful way, if it’s discussed at all.

The Arab world must recognize Israel’s right to exist, root out and remove the fanatics in it’s midst who sow terror and death and put down it’s weapons and stop trying to annihilate the country. Discussion about anything else is peripheral and ultimately meaningless since peace between Israel and it’s neighbors, and freedom and prosperity for Palestinians as well for that matter, is impossible until that happens. It is the prerequisite to peace and Arabs and only Arabs can bring it about.

Unless Obama recognizes this and uses American influence to convince Arabs to change their ways his efforts will be unsuccessful and the same old merry go round will go on and on. Here’s hopingĀ  he understands the real solution lies with the Arabs not the Israelis andĀ has enough spine to act on that understanding.

Don’t hold your breath though.

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