Obama shares plans with Russians, not with Americans, Re: Obama’s Revealing Comments to Medvedev, Commentary Magazine, March 26, 2012

From the beginning of his first campaign for President of the United States President Obama has always been less than forthcoming with the American people about his plans for the future and where he intended to take the country. He never told Americans that he intended to exponentially expand the powers of the Federal Government at the expense of their civil liberties, decision making powers and the Constitution, that he intended to effectively disarm America and turn it into a second or third rate rate power unable to defend and protect itself or its interests at home and abroad, that he intended to be obsequious and apologetic about American history, ideals, values, principles and institutions in his dealings with foreign governments or that he intended to act outside the rule of law and rule by administrative fiat, for example. That pattern is well established, the latest instance being an exchange he had last Monday with outgoing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev at a conference in Seoul, Korea which was accidentally picked up on an open microphone.

The gist of the exchange was that Obama told Medvedev to tell incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin that he would have more flexibility to deal with issues such as missile defense after the American Presidential election in November, but in the meantime he was constrained by politics and Putin would have to give him space until then. What did he mean by that? Speculation is running rampant but given Obama’s inane attempts to reset America’s relationship with the Russian bear it can’t be anything good for the U.S. More missile defense cuts? More degradation of America’s nuclear deterrent? More betrayal of America’s friends and allies? Sharing of American defense data and technology? Whatever he meant it cannot be truthfully revealed to the America electorate because it would hurt his chances for re-election. Whatever he meant would be news to the electorate and the general public, that’s for sure.

Restraints, what restraints Americans might well ask? Obama’s idiotic and weak-kneed agreements and concessions to Russia, Iran, North Korea, China and other antagonists and enemies of the United States have already severely damaged American present and future national security and his shabby treatment of America’s friends and allies, particularly Israel, have already led to ruptured relationships, a great diminution in trust and respect for America and a much increased likelihood of war as America’s antagonists and enemies seek to take advantage of his weakness and America’s friends and allies seek to defend themselves because there is no longer a credible American deterrent. That’s what he’s done while feeling restrained. If he didn’t feel restrained because he won a second a second term and didn’t have to worry about fighting another campaign and getting elected again Americans have to wonder what else he intends to do, what else he would actually do and how far he would actually go.

The mind boggles.

Americans will have to ask the Russians (or the Iranians, the North Koreans, the Chinese etc. etc.) if they want any answers at this point. If he’s revealed his intentions to the Russians he could have revealed them to the others as well. Asking him would be useless. Americans wouldn’t get any straight answers and whatever answers they did get would be politically expedient, deceptive and untruthful and would change according to circumstances.

One thing is certain though. His actions and policies have been exceedingly damaging and destructive to date, if not downright disastrous. If he does get a second term they will be catastrophic and could very well lead to the demise of the country or to destruction and death on an unimaginable scale.

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