George Galloway’s win latest proof that Enoch Powell was right, Re: Galloway’s victory is the last thing Britain needs, Daily Mail, April 2, 2012

Enoch Powell was a British politician who served as a Conservative Party Member of Parliament between 1950 and 1974 and an Ulster Unionist Party MP between 1974 and 1987. He was firmly against unlimited mass immigration and spent much of his career denouncing the British immigration and social policies and practices which encouraged and allowed it and warning the British people of the difficulties to come if those policies and practices were not changed. He believed that allowing hordes of people into Britain who had no allegiance to British values or the British way of life and who brought their ancient hatreds, prejudices and abominable behaviour with them was a recipe for disaster and that the country would pay a terrible price for doing so, if it survived in the end at all.

He was prescient and he was right.

George Galloway is a far left British politician and Islamofascist who was a Labour Party Member of Parliament before being expelled for his opposition to the Iraq war in 2003. He then became a founding member of the far left Respect Party and was elected as as MP representing Bethnal Green and Bow in 2005. He lost several subsequent elections and was out of politics as such until recently. Galloway is well known for his biased and unapologetic support of the Palestinians, his aversion to Israel and the United States, his campaigns to overturn economic sanctions against Iraq, his opposition to the British presence in Afghanistan and in foreign wars in general ( especially if those wars are fought in Islamic countries) and his pro-Islam, anti-British, anti-Western views.

Galloway just won a by-election in Bradford West and is now the Member of Parliament representing that community. Galloway won the election by pandering to the massive Islamist (people who follow Islam) vote in the community and openly promoting Islam itself, Sharia (Islamic law) and other repellant aspects of Islam such as anti-Semitism and by condemning British troops fighting in Afghanistan and the British government for sending them there. He grew his beard, praised Allah, expressed sympathy for the Taliban and told the electorate that he has fought for Islam around the world and would do so at home as well. He did everything he could to convince the Islamist electorate that he would act as an Islamist in parliament and that Islam’s interests should and would take precedence over Britain’s interests as far as he was concerned. His platform was pro-Islam and anti-British and succeeded in getting him elected in a community which is full of people who hate and revile British law and customs and the British way of life and who would like nothing more than to turn Britain into an Islamic country where Islam reigns supreme. He ran and won on the politics of religion and race and his campaign was characterized by expressions of hatred and pro-Islam sentiments and anti-British, anti-Western vitriol.

Its not surprising that his victory came in Bradford West. The Islamist presence and influence in the community is already overwhelming and is growing exponentially and Islam dominates all aspects of life there, to the detriment and exclusion of British values, principles, history, tradition and most important, law. There have even been calls from within the Islamist population for it to secede from Britain and become fully Islamic and those calls will become more and more strident as Islam continues to take over and Islamists drive non- Islamists away or force them to live under Islam if they stay. Bradford West is far from the only community of its kind in Britain either. The country has many others just like it throughout the land. Islam and Islamists are changing the nature and character of Britain before our very eyes. It is no stretch of the imagination at all to think that Britain will in fact become an Islamic country if things keep on going the way they are. Many parts of Britain are already Islamic in all but name and it will not be long before the country itself becomes Islamic as well unless Islam’s advance is stopped and turned back. Galloway won in Bradford West but he could have won in any number of other communities too.

So what can the British admit as a result of Galloway’s election?

They can admit that Islam and Islamists are a serious and profound threat to their freedom, democracy and way of life and that Islam and Islamists are at war with Britain in the same way that they are at war with the rest of the Western, civilized world.

They can admit that their values, principles, civil liberties, institutions, legal system and parliamentary democracy are all under attack by a ruthless, totalitarian doctrine which brooks no dissent and allows no alternative to its requirements, requirements which are abhorrent to the average Briton and completely foreign to the countries history, tradition and civilization.

They can admit that his election was no accident, that there are Islamic enclaves all over the country, that the reality of Islam is a large and growing phenomenon, that there have been very severe consequences as a result and that Islam and Islamists must be be confronted and defeated or else the country will be turned into an Islamic nation governed by Islamic law.

They can admit that George Galloway and other ideologues of his ilk are not interested in improving and preserving Britain and her way of life but are in fact working to destroy it and make Britain Islamic.

They can admit that Enoch Powell was right and that they must take serious steps to redress the situation, steps that are much more far-reaching than any they have taken to date and include such things as deportation for those who preach hatred, violence and intolerance, refuse to live according to British law and custom, commit or intend to commit crimes in the name of Islam or work to bring the country down.

Will the Brits continue to Rule Britannia or will the Islamic invaders win the war and take over everywhere?

Stay tuned.

We all know what George Galloway wants and is working for though, that’s for sure.

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