Obama’s Supreme Court con job, Re: Obama vs. the Supreme Court, New York Daily News, April 5, 2012

President Obama is trying to convince the American people that the Supreme Court of the United States would be overstepping its bounds if it overturned all or part of Obamacare, his proposed health care law. If the Supreme Court rules that all or part of Obamacare is unconstitutional it will have to be voided and abandoned and cannot be enacted. This would be an enormous political embarrassment and defeat for Obama and could easily cost him any chance of victory in the upcoming 2012 Presidential election.

Retaining his Presidency is all-important to Obama and he is not the sort to let anything get in his way.

The Court could very well decide that all or part of the proposed law is unconstitutional as there are many compelling legal arguments in favor of that position. Obama knows this. He also knows that the Court is well within its rights to examine the constitutionality of the proposed law and invalidate it if it decides to do so. In fact, the Court is obligated to examine the constitutionality of the proposed law and obligated to void it if all or part of it is deemed unconstitutional, or at least void the parts of it which are deemed so, which would amount to the same thing.

Judicial review to assess the constitutionality of state and federal laws is the heart of the American system of checks and balances and has been since America first came into existence. It is one of the defining features of the country and always has been. The Supreme Court is simply doing its job by examining and ruling on the proposed law, as it has done on countless similar occasions in the past. Obama knows all of this too and cannot deny it no matter how hard he tries.

So why is Obama casting aspersions on the Court and questioning its legitimacy? Why is he lying to the American people about the role, function and history of the Court? Why is he trying to raise doubts in American’s minds about the legitimacy of its decisions?

There is only one possible answer.

If the Court rules that all or part of Obamacare is unconstitutional and cannot be allowed to stand Obama plans to ignore the ruling of the Court, enact Obamacare anyway and ask the American people to sanction his decision. There is no other explanation. The only way he can get away with that is to convince Americans that the Court did in fact overstep its bounds, that its integrity and legitimacy are questionable and that its ruling is therefore invalid. It would be a con job of epic proportions.

It would also be a ruthless, cynical power grab, virtually unprecedented in American history and perfectly in keeping with Obama’s narcissistic personality and mentality and far left ideology. If successful it would mean that Obama suckered the American people and that the United States was no longer governed by leaders who were subject to the rule of law and judicial and constitutional restraints. It would mean that Obama would never have to worry about getting elected again because he had become a dictator and not a President.

It would also mean that over 200 years of freedom and democracy in the U.S. were down the drain.

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