Speaking deadly truths, Re: Death threats over free speech, Toronto Sun, April 18, 2012

The Parliament of Kuwait has decided to kill Muslims who insult Allah. The accused will be judged by Islamic clerics and killed if found guilty.

There really was no need for the Kuwaiti Parliament to formalize and institutionalize this and one has to wonder why it did so. Perhaps the decision was made to placate the West in some way or to solidify the Parliament’s Islamist credentials with other Islamic countries in the Middle East that have the potential to harm both Kuwait and individual Kuwaiti’s who aren’t sufficiently Islamic. In any case, Islamists killing Muslims or anyone else that insults Allah has been a feature of Islam since it came into existence 1,400 years ago and remains a feature to this very day. The Parliament of Kuwait didn’t have to formalize and institutionalize it. Islam did both ages ago.

The term insult is used in the widest possible sense. Anyone or anything that criticizes, questions, satirizes, caricatures or otherwise treats Allah (or the Prophet Muhammad or Islam) with anything but the utmost deference and respect is seen as insulting to all of them and people that do so literally place their lives in great danger. All over the world people who express even the mildest reservations about Allah, Muhammad or Islam are being intimidated, threatened, silenced and in many cases killed as a result. Anything and everything that supposedly disrespects Allah, Muhammad or Islam in any way, shape or form, even if it is completely innocuous such as an innocent discussion or debate, is seen as an insult and insults are absolutely forbidden upon pain of death.

Not living according to Islam’s strictures and laws is also seen as insulting, especially if one was born into the faith.

All over the world means all over the world, not just the Arab/Islamic world. People are being intimidated, threatened, silenced and killed everywhere, including the United States, Canada, Europe and the West in general. There is no such thing as true freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought or real freedom of any kind in Islam and Islamists everywhere are attempting to bring down Islamic curtains on everyone. The phenomenon is already very widespread and very evident and will do nothing but grow until thinking people who believe in freedom and democracy fight back and stop it. Those that do deserve our respect, gratitude and admiration because it is no easy task and could easily get them and/or their families killed. We better hope they succeed too. If they don’t we’ll all be forced to live under Islam and Western civilization will be nothing but a hazy memory.

That’s the truth, the deadly truth. If you don’t believe me and you live in the United States, Canada, Europe or anywhere else in the West just take a serious look around and see what Islam and Islamists have already done to your country and how they have already affected your life.

Then have a serious think about what your country will look like and how you will be forced to live if they are not stopped, what you will lose and what you will have to accept and put up with if things continue on the way they are and they take over.

Then go out and stop them, using every legal means at your disposal.

While you still can.

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