Al Davis, Vince Lombardi and Barack Obama, Re: ‘Fair’ elections, Obama-style, Washington Times, April 18, 2012

Al Davis was an infamous American football coach and team owner whose credo was “Just win, baby.” His teams embodied this and were well-known for playing hard, brutal football and often skirting the rules to achieve victory.

Vince Lombardi was one of the most successful coaches in American football history who was widely quoted as saying “Winning isn’t everything, its the only thing.”

Barack Obama is President of the United States. Getting re-elected in November and spending the next four years implementing his top-down, big-government, socialist, ideology-driven, anti-American agenda is the most important thing in his life. His credo is “Anything it takes.”

Actually, I made the last sentence up. There is no record of Obama ever having said that.

Still, given Obama’s ruthless, narcissistic personality, his undeniable desire to fundamentally change the nature and face of America and turn the country into a European style welfare state while stripping away American’s freedoms and basic democratic rights and his well-documented, proven history of lying to the American people it might as well be his credo. Obama has done and will do practically anything to secure a second term in office. That he will continue to lie to Americans about anything and everything, continue to attack America’s most basic principles and values, continue to vilify and demonize his opponents and continue to turn every possible occasion into political theatre is a very safe bet…attempting to rig the election is well within the realm of possibility too. Playing dirty is second nature to him and we can fully expect him to play very dirty indeed during the Presidential campaign. His track record tells us that.

That is why Americans have to very conscious about the possibility of electoral fraud and very distressed about the recent Department of Justice decision which blocks state laws requiring voters to present picture identification at polling stations. Without picture identification an honest, accurate vote, and count, is impossible and without an honest, accurate vote, and count, there can be no confidence in the final result, particularly if it is close and particularly if Obama is declared the winner. The situation as it stands virtually invites electoral fraud and virtually guarantees that it will take place. Picture identification is required in many other areas of American life and it is simply ludicrous that it will not be required to vote in the upcoming election. If one was inclined to organize and commit electoral fraud, to rig the election, not requiring voters to produce picture identification makes it relatively easy.

Fair, honest elections are the most central American hallmark of all. Without them freedom and democracy simply cannot exist. They are more than just important to American’s way of life. They are absolutely essential to it. One has to wonder why Obama and his administration refuse to require voters to produce picture identification, thus opening up the door to electoral fraud. Could it be a ham-handed attempt to rig the election in his favor? You bet it could.

Just win, baby.

Winning isn’t everything, its the only thing.

Anything it takes.

Words to live by, aye Barack?

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