Freedom from Islam in danger in Canada, Re: Toronto in rage over ‘No God but Allah’ Subway Ads, EuropeNews, April 23, 2012

People who take the subway in Toronto have been confronted with advertisements for Islam stating that there is ‘No God but Allah’. Some Torontonians are enraged by this incursion of Islam into the public sphere and have complained to civic authorities.

Good. Hopefully more and more Torontonians will become enraged as well and begin to fight back against the Islamic presence in their city, a presence which has one purpose and one purpose only…to coerce or force all Torontonians to live under Islam and according to Islamic law, Sharia.

Coercing or forcing unbelievers to submit to Islam and live under Islamic law has been Islam’s true purpose since it first came into existence 1,400 years ago and it remains its essence, its true purpose, today. Coercing or forcing unbelievers to submit to Islam and live under Islamic law is what Islam and Islamists have always done and it is what they are trying to do in Toronto as we speak, and in the rest of Canada too for that matter.

Islam has already changed the nature, character and reality of Toronto and the rest of Canada in many ways and it is becoming more predominant and omnipresent every day. Torontonians and other Canadians have already compromised or shed many of the basic values and principles that are the foundation of their way of life and unless they fight back and stop Islam and Islamists in their tracks it is only a matter of time before Toronto becomes an Islamic city and Canada becomes an Islamic country.

There is no real freedom of any kind in Islam and Torontonians and other Canadians will find out that there is no freedom from Islam either once it establishes itself. It is well on the way to establishing itself in Toronto and the rest of Canada but there is still time for Torontonians and Canadians who cherish freedom and the Western way of life to fight back and reverse their losses. They better hurry up though. There is no greater threat to freedom (of thought, speech, expression, the press, assembly, of and from religion, etc. etc., you know, freedom) in Toronto and the rest of Canada than Islam and if freedom is to be regained and preserved Torontonians and other Canadians have to start fighting back now, while they still can. Islam being Islam and Islamists being Islamists it won’t be easy because people who speak out against the reality of Islam and its presence and growing influence literally and figuratively take their lives in their hands, but it must be done if freedom is to survive.

So some Torontonians are enraged about advertisements in their subways stating that there is “No God but Allah’. Good. Let’s hope that more and more of them become enraged as well. Let’s hope that they take that rage and do something positive and constructive with it, while it remains possible.

Getting rid of those atrocious ads would be a start.

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