Islamic Apartheid Conference at Temple University goes on despite attempts to wreck it, Re: Fighting the fascists at Temple University, Atlas Shrugs, April 25, 2012

The Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom hosted a Conference on Islamic Apartheid last Monday at the university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Four high profile, renowned, respected and exceedingly knowledgeable speakers prominent in the fight against Islamic Apartheid in the United States and elsewhere spoke at the conference and gave their views on the topic. All four have been subject to numerous threats and attacks over the years by Islamists and ignorant, indoctrinated apologists for Islam and Islamic Apartheid…by those who would strip away their right to express themselves about the horror and reality of Islam and Islamic Apartheid and your right to learn about them. All four have had speeches and presentations disrupted or even cancelled on various occasions and all four literally put their lives in danger whenever they speak out.

The situation was no different at Temple. Islamists and various left wing individuals and organizations tried very hard to prevent the conference from taking place to begin with and then proceeded to try and shout down and shut up the speakers when they failed to do so. It was the antithesis of peaceful, reasoned protest… the Islamists and their apologists were not interested in dialogue or learning anything or opening their minds or allowing others to present information that ran counter to their crude, misinformed ideology…all they were interested in was taking away the speakers right to express themselves and the right of the audience to hear what they had to say. Free speech, freedom of expression, freedom to listen, examine and debate meant nothing to them. All they really wanted to do was stop any discussion of the reality of Islam and Islamic Apartheid in the United States and elsewhere from occurring, nothing more, freedom of speech, expression and thought be damned.

That’s about as un-American as you can get. That’s about as fascist as you can get. That’s about the biggest threat to freedom and democracy in the United States and elsewhere there is.

That’s also very typical of Islamists, apologists for Islam and leftist individuals and organizations. Eliminating free speech and freedom of expression is paramount for them because those things always lead to them being exposed for what they really are…emperors with no clothes, intellectually, factually and morally bankrupt able to offer simple-minded, failed solutions, pious platitudes and nothing more to very real problems. People that can actually think and examine a particular phenomenon and are free to express themselves are their deadly enemies. Islamic Apartheid? It exists and is horrible, cruel, inhuman, widespread and growing but Islamists don’t want you to know that or learn about it or think about it, which is why they tried to cancel and disrupt the conference and take away your right to find out about it. Leftist individuals and organizations don’t want you to think about, find out about or express yourselves about all kinds of things either and will also stop at nothing to keep you from doing so.

The Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom, the university itself, the conference speakers and the conference audience should all be congratulated for refusing to be intimidated and going ahead with the proceedings. It was a very courageous thing to do and every American who values free speech and freedom of expression and their right to learn about, think about and examine anything, including Islam and Islamic Apartheid, owes them a debt of gratitude.

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