Happy Independence Day Israel-Congratulations and Best Wishes, Re: Obama, Clinton praise Israel on Independence Day, Jerusalem Post, April 26, 2012

Israel celebrated its 64th Independence Day today and received messages of congratulations, best wishes and support from all over the world.

Two of the messages came from United States President Barack Obama and U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

Obama sent his “warmest regards and congratulations on behalf of the American people” and said that “based on our shared values and interests, the bonds between our two countries are deep and strong.” He also said that the United States is fully committed to Israel’s security and added “ I wish the State of Israel continued prosperity and a peaceful future.”

Clinton called Israel a “beacon of hope and an inspiring example” and said that Israel and the United States “are united by a deep and unbreakable bond based on mutual interests and respect. Our relationship grows stronger every day as we work to promote regional security, create new economic partnerships, increase two-way trade and broaden our energy cooperation.” She also said that “We are steadfast in our commitment to Israel’s security, which is a cornerstone of our foreign policy in the Middle East.”

These are fine words indeed but whether or not they are sincere and can be believed is very much open to question. I don’t think they are sincere or believable at all and neither do a great many other people of all political stripes and nationalities.

Obama and his administration’s antipathy for Israel is well known and well documented and actual American concrete support for Israel has left a great deal to be desired since he became President. Many of his policies and practices in the Middle East have severely jeopardized Israel’s security and there is no question at all that the relationship between the two countries has deteriorated since he took office. Large numbers of Israelis think that he cannot be trusted and that he wouldn’t be there for Israel in a time of crisis, at the critical moment as it were. Words are very nice but in the end its actions that count and in the end Obama and his administration’s actions have been harmful to date and promise to be even more harmful in the future, notwithstanding the platitudes he and Clinton continually spout for public consumption.

This is something Israelis and their government have to keep in mind when they make decisions that affect Israel’s future, particularly military decisions. They cannot assume that Obama and America will help them if they decide to take action against Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities in order to prevent the Iranian’s from using the weapons to try and remove Israel from the face of the earth for example or if one or more of Israel’s other antagonists in the Middle East attack her in force. In fact, based on their track record they can assume the opposite, that Obama and his administration will hinder and hurt them, not help them.

This is also something American voters have to keep in mind when they decide to elect or not elect Obama to a second term in November’s Presidential election. The national security of the United States is intimately tied to the national security of Israel and if Israel is weakened or demolished the result for the national security of the U.S. would be catastrophic. A weak, defeated or dead Israel would be a national security catastrophe for America…at the very least an enormous amount of American blood and treasure would be lost and at the worst America would be defeated, demolished or dead as well. Obama’s policies and practices are appreciably weakening Israel, which means they are appreciably weakening the United States too.

That’s Obama, Clinton and the administration. As for me, Happy Independence Day Israel-Congratulations and Best Wishes-Here’s Hoping There Are Many More to Come.

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