The more heroes and heroines the better, Re: Victory: Full House in the Belly of the Beast–Truth Gets A Hearing in Dearborn, Dearborn News, May 1, 2012

Islam is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy and the American way of life that there is. It is a religion of hatred, violence, cruelty, misogyny and intolerance that is 1,400 years old, backward, atavistic, frozen in time and completely incompatible with 21st century liberal democracies like the United States. It is supremacist in thought and action, does not permit dissent of any kind (no matter how innocuous) and submission of non-believers to its practices and requirements is at its core.

Islam’s apologists and adherents in the United States are trying to make it predominant in the U.S. and turn America into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law. They are well on the way to doing exactly that. Islam has already made deep and serious inroads into American life and is making more even as we speak. It is changing the nature and character of the country and its deleterious effects are being felt everywhere. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of rejection, freedom to choose, freedom and democracy period…none of those things exist in Islam or Islamic life and all are being suppressed outside the Islamic community. Islam and its apologists and adherents are at war with the United States and everything it stands for and if they win America and Americans will find themselves living under Islamic law in an Islamic country and their freedom, democracy and way of life will have disappeared in the sands of time.

If they live at all that is, death and Islam being synonymous.

Fortunately, a small but growing number of Americans are beginning to recognize and understand this and to expose and speak out about Islam and the damage it is doing to the country and its people. They are heroes and heroines in the best sense of those words. Speaking out against Islam, exposing it for what it truly is as opposed to what its apologists and adherents say it is and trying to prevent or reverse its depredations takes a great deal of courage and fortitude. It is not an easy thing to do at all. Those that do can expect vicious personal and professional attacks, can expect to be labelled racist, bigoted, ignorant, Islamophobic or otherwise slandered and can expect to have their lives and the lives of their families threatened.

Some of those heroes and heroines held an event entitled the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on Honor Killing in Dearborn, Michigan last weekend.

Dearborn is home to the Islamic Center of America, the largest mosque in the United States. It has the largest single concentration of Muslims in North America, roughly 32,000 people or about 1/3 of the population. It is common to see signs and billboards in Arabic and Islam has become part of the fabric of the community. This has caused a great deal of tension over the years as Islamists seek to expand its influence and freedom of speech, expression, choice and assembly, among other things, have been attacked by them with regularity.

Jessica Mokdad was the victim of an honor killing in April, 2011, just over a year ago. She was a 20 year old Muslim woman who was murdered because she left home and stopped practising Islam. She rejected and tossed off Islam’s shackles and was killed because of it, because in the eyes of her family that brought shame and dishonor on them, shame and dishonor which could ultimately be dealt with in one way only. Her stepfather tracked her over four states before murdering her. Honor killing is a large and growing phenomenon in the Islamic community in the United States and her case is all too typical. It is often covered up and hidden but there is no doubt that it exists and exists on a large scale.

The conference was organized and sponsored by the America Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America, an AFDI program and an affiliate of Stop Islamization of Europe. Pamela Geller, AFDI and SIOA Executive Director, said “Our goal is to raise awareness about the phenomenon of Islamic honor killing in order to help bring a stop to it. These girls have rights too. They’re human beings, and yet they’re completely forgotten in our politically correct culture. We’re standing for the human rights of girls like Jessica Mokdad.”

The conference certainly succeeded in raising awareness. Hundreds of people attended and there was a full house for all of the presentations, despite attempts by Islamists and assorted useful idiots to disrupt the proceedings.

Conference speakers included Ms. Geller, Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish, David Wood, Robert Muise, Michael Coren, James Lafferty and Simon Deng, all of whom are at the forefront of the effort to preserve freedom, justice, human rights and the American way of life, in the effort to keep Islam and Islamists from taking over the United States.

Heroes and heroines every one.

The more of them the better, that’s for sure.

The more events like the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on Honor Killing the better too.

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