The wisdom and courage of Geert Wilders, Re: Wilders: Resisting threat of fanatical Islam, Washington Times, May 4, 2012

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician who has been speaking out forcefully against the scourge and the horror of Islam in Holland, Europe and the West for many years. He is arguably the world’s foremost defender of Western values and principles and has been unrelenting in pointing out how Islam’s reality is changing the nature and face of the Netherlands and Europe and how it is threatening to do the same in the United States and the rest of the free world, about how Islam must be opposed and the Islamization of Western societies stopped and reversed if freedom, democracy and Western civilization are to survive.

Wilders knows whereof he speaks and is no gadfly, dilettante or garden variety Islamophobe. He has fought against Islam by trying to show us what it really is, totalitarian, supremacist, hateful, violent, misogynistic, racist and very, very cruel and by trying to stem the tide of Islamization in his native country and the rest of the West. He has paid a very high price for his activities but carries on because of his commitment to freedom and democracy and because he knows perfectly well that there is no possibility of Western civilization surviving under Islam and Islamic law, because he knows that all of our freedoms will disappear under Islam, because he knows that Islam is making deep and serious inroads throughout the West and because he knows that this process of Islamization cannot be allowed to continue because if it does Western civilization is doomed.

Wilders just published a book entitled “Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me” (Regnery Publishing, available through Amazon) which lays out his case in exquisite detail. It explains how Islam has marked him for death and Western civilization too. The book should be required reading for everyone that treasures freedom, democracy and Western civilization and wishes to preserve and protect them, for everyone who finds the reality of Islam unacceptable in free, democratic, civilized societies, for everyone who knows that Western values and the Western way of life are completely incompatible with Islamic values and the Islamic way of life.

What is the reality of Islam you ask? Read Wilder’s book, read the Koran and look around, especially if you live in Europe, the United States or anywhere else in the West for that matter. Do your homework, examine Islam in depth and see it for what it really is and how it manifests itself in the world. Your world. If you’re not an Islamist and have any conscience at all and any instinct for self-preservation you’ll be horrified and terrified. And one more thing. Don’t pay any attention to Islamists and other apologists for Islam while you’re doing this…they’re just lying through their teeth and trying to trick and mislead you, which Islam permits and sanctions by the way.

Would that more people had the wisdom and courage of Geert Wilders. The survival of freedom, democracy and Western civilization depends on it.

Wilders is quoted as saying “I will never keep silent because we must not let violent fanatics dictate what we say and what we read. We must rebel against their suffocating rules and demands at every turn. We must, in the words of Revolutionary War veteran Gen. John Stark, “Live free or die.””

Amen to that.

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