Foolish French put off reckoning, vote for fantasy world, Re: France takes the easy way out, Toronto Globe & Mail, May 8, 2012

France just elected a socialist President whose policies will do nothing to solve its economic and social problems. What foolishness.

The French people voted him in because they live in a fantasy world. They believe they can continue to enjoy life in a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world without having to work for it. They believe they can retain exceedingly generous state benefits of all kinds without having to pay for them. They believe they can keep France from becoming an Islamic country governed by Islamic law by turning a blind eye to the entirely negative effect that Islam and Islamists are having on their country and refusing to take meaningful steps to deal with them, including coming to grips with immigration and immigrants whose values and way of life are decidedly non-French.

Francois Hollande, the newly elected President, won because he told the French that they could continue to keep their eyes closed to the reality all around them, because he made no demands on them whatsoever, because he absolved them of any responsibility for dealing with the economic and social mess France is in and because they were foolish and ignorant enough to believe this hokum. The socialists aren’t going to make things better in France, better for ordinary French men and women. They are going to make things much much worse.

Making things worse is what socialism does and has always done and the French should have known that. They should have known that sooner or later bills have to be paid and that a person or a country cannot keep on running them up without a serious reckoning, without serious consequences. France has been running up bills and failing to deal with, even acknowledge, its endemic economic and social problems for many years and putting socialists in power will do nothing but bring that reckoning and those consequences much closer. The French may think they can keep on running up bills and keep on not paying them but they are wrong and they will soon find out that putting socialists in power will lead to financial and social chaos and collapse.

Socialism as a solution to a countries economic and social ills, to France’s economic and social ills…talk about living in a fantasy world. It doesn’t cut it, won’t cut it and will never cut it.

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