Obama’s gay marriage announcement cynical and typical, Re: Democrats under pressure to move their convention out of North Carolina, Human Events, May 10, 2012

President Obama’s recent announcement that he is in favor of gay marriage carries no weight because he is not taking any concrete action to support his position. The position is also a complete reversal of earlier ones he has taken stating most emphatically that marriage can only be heterosexual, that only men and women can marry, not men and men or women and women.

Americans have to question the sincerity of his current position in light of this reversal, particularly since this is an election year. Obama desperately wants to be returned to office for a second term and needs every vote he can get because his track record since the last election is uniformly awful and he has no real accomplishments to run on. He obviously made a political calculation that there were more votes in coming out in favor of gay marriage than there were in coming out against it or in not saying anything at all.

That’s very cynical on his part and very typical as well. It means that he doesn’t really have the courage of his convictions, whatever they are, and that he will make decisions based on political calculations in order to get elected again, as he has done so often in the past. It means that he won’t make hard decisions based on the country’s best interests if those decisions might prove unpopular and cost him votes. It means that no one can trust him about anything or know what he really believes or stands for because everything he says or does is politically expedient. It means that misleading voters is acceptable and so is outright lying or simple glossing over. It means that he will jettison or latch on to anyone or anything to get returned for a second term. He has done all of these things in the past, he’s doing them now and he’s going to keep on doing them in the future.

So what concrete action can Obama take to convince American voters that his current stance on gay marriage is sincere? He can see that the upcoming Democratic National Convention is moved from Charlotte, North Carolina, that’s what. Why? Because last week voters in North Carolina overwhelmingly approved a measure outlawing same sex marriage and any form of civil union for gays as well. It was a clear, unambiguous, unmistakeable repudiation of gay marriage in any form and the polar opposite of what Obama’s current belief is. There is already considerable pressure among Democrats to move the convention because of this and if Obama pushed for a move to a more gay friendly location it would really be putting his money where his mouth is so to speak.

Don’t hold your breath though. Obama will do what he’s always done. Stick his finger in the air, measure the political wind and act expediently…expediently for him, not for anyone else or for the country. Obama never has been any good at putting his money where his mouth is and he won’t be this time either.

Does Obama really believe in gay marriage? Who knows-who will ever know?

Principles? They’re either impediments or tools and can be cast aside or hauled out and used as required.

This whole episode has nothing to do with gay marriage. It has to do with Barack Obama’s character, or more specifically, Barack Obama’s lack of character.

Cynical, typical and very, very sad. Americans deserve much, much better.

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