Islamic schools can’t do that, Re: Islamic schools must shun jihad, Toronto Sun, May 10, 2012

An Islamic school operating out of a public high school in east end Toronto has been teaching its students to hate Jews and commit jihad, Jew hatred being Jew hatred and jihad being fighting and warfare meant to coerce or force non-believers to submit to Islam and its dictates and to live under Islamic law (Sharia). This is not surprising to anyone who knows anything about Islam and its reality and history. Jew hatred and jihad are at the very core of Islam and cannot be separated from it…both are an integral, fundamental part of Islam, part of its essence, part of its being. Trying to separate Jew hatred and jihad from Islam is like trying to separate the Resurrection from Christianity…it can’t be done.

Students in Islamic schools wherever they exist are being taught to subscribe to Islam and the Islamic narrative and to become Islamists (believers) and are being taught to hate Jews and commit jihad, by definition. It is impossible for them not to be taught those things. The denials and protestations of officials, administrators, teachers, religious figures and apologists are nothing more than lies meant to mislead and deceive those who raise objections or express concern, lies which are permitted, sanctioned and required by Islam.

This means that if there is an Islamic school in your neighborhood or community its students are being taught this bilge and their minds are being poisoned, no matter what Islamists, apologists for Islam or anyone else might say to the contrary.

That’s why its pointless to say that Islamic schools must shun jihad, must shun Jew hatred. That is not possible. If they shun jihad and shun Jew hatred they would be shunning Islam itself. This they cannot do. Islam won’t permit it and there are terrible consequences under Islamic law for believers who turn away from it, who question or reject its precepts and obligations or decide not to live under their yoke. You cannot have an Islamic school without teaching Islam and you cannot teach Islam without teaching Jew hatred and jihad…not teaching about them as abstract concepts, but teaching them as Islamic obligations.

That is also why there is one alternative and one alternative only for those who think students should not be indoctrinated with this hate, who think students should not be obliged to act it out, who think students minds should not poisoned with this bilge, who see it for what it is…sick, racist, destructive, dangerous and unacceptable in secular, pluralistic, civilized societies.

Islamic schools in the West must be shut down because they cannot help but teach Jew hatred and jihad and oblige their students to carry them out. If they are allowed to remain open it means that Jew hatred and jihad have been condoned by the wider society. Since both are abhorrent and not acceptable in most Western countries, for now anyway, the schools must close.

Including those in Canada.

Including those in Toronto.


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