Forget it Catherine, its not going to happen, Re: Ashton hopes new talks will end Iran’s nuke program, Jerusalem Post, May 12, 2012

Catherine Ashton is the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs e.g. its foreign policy chief. Last Friday she said that she hoped talks with Iran beginning May 23 in Baghdad would form the basis of an agreement for the Iranian’s to abandon their nuclear weapons program. Eventually. At a press conference in Brussels Ashton said “My ambition is that we come away with the beginning of the end of the nuclear weapons program in Iran” and “I hope we’ll see the beginnings of success.”

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Its not going to happen. Iran is not going to abandon its nuclear weapons development program and is going to proceed full speed ahead until it becomes a nuclear power in its own right or until it is prevented from developing and possessing nuclear weapons by military force. Talks, diplomacy, negotiations, sanctions, condemnation or empty threats will not do the trick. Iran is hell-bent on becoming a nuclear power and all the talks, diplomacy, negotiations, sanctions, condemnation and empty threats in the world aren’t going to stop it, aren’t even going to slow it down. Ashton should know that because the record is as crystal clear as it can get. None of them have worked in the past and they are not going to work in the future either, regardless of Ashton’s hopes and delusions.

Ashton admitted as much during her press conference. She admitted that Iran has a nuclear weapons program and admitted that talks, diplomacy, negotiations, sanctions, condemnation and empty threats have failed to keep the Iranians from stopping it. When she said that she hoped to see the beginnings of success she really said that there has been no success whatsoever and that all have failed to stop the Iranians from proceeding apace. The words beginning and beginnings are also codes for further meetings, which means that there will be more of the same in the future and the Iranians will have more time to bring their plans to fruition. They have been stringing the West along masterfully from the very beginning of their nuclear weapons development program and they are continuing to do exactly that…they are playing for time is what they’re doing and they’re doing it very well, thanks to the blindness, stupidity, cowardice and hubris of leaders like Ashton, Obama and the rest.

Israel knows perfectly well why Iran wants to develop and possess nuclear weapons, even if Ashton, Obama and the others don’t, or won’t admit it if they do. The Israelis know that the Iranians want to develop and possess nuclear weapons so that they can use them against Israel, so that they can use them to commit genocide against the people of Israel and to wipe the country off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth. If the Iranians develop and possess nuclear weapons they will launch them against Israel as their first order of business and the Israelis know it. The Israelis also know that the only way to stop the Iranians from attacking Israel with nuclear weapons is to keep them out of their hands in the first place, that the only way to do that is through a preemptive military strike and that they will have to carry out that strike themselves because no one else has the sense, foresight and courage to do it.

The Israelis know two other things as well. They know that Iran’s second order of business is to use their nuclear weapons against the United States because they hate and despise the United States almost as much as they hate and despise Israel and because they view the U.S. as the major impediment to establishing their hegemony in the Middle East and beyond. The Israelis also know that the Iranians will use their nuclear weapons to coerce and intimidate their other foes in the Middle East and the West into submission and that they will not hesitate to use their nuclear weapons as they see fit.

All in the name of Islam and Allah of course.

Sorry Catherine, the Iranians really are manipulating you and taking you for a ride. Talks, diplomacy, negotiations, sanctions and empty threats haven’t worked in the past, aren’t working now and won’t work in the future.

Don’t worry though, the Israelis are well aware of this and will take care of the Iranians on their own, not for your sake to be sure but to prevent the Iranians from attacking Israel with nuclear weapons and to ensure the survival of themselves and their country. Unlike you, Obama and other Western leaders (useful idiots in the eyes of many, including no doubt the Iranians) they are neither blind, stupid, cowardly or delusional and they know they will have to launch a preemptive, unilateral military strike to prevent Iran from trying to commit genocide against them, to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

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