Americans can’t trust Obama, Re: The Mystery of the Kenyan Birth, PJ Media, May 18, 2012

In 1991 President Obama’s literary agent produced a booklet which included a biography of him. The booklet clearly stated that he was born in Kenya. The statement remained in his biography until 2007.

Obama almost assuredly told the agent that he was born in Kenya. It was standard practice then and it is standard practice now in the publishing industry for authors and potential authors to provide agents information for the biographies they produce and to approve the biographies before they are printed. It is virtually inconceivable that Obama didn’t tell the agent about his birth in Kenya and didn’t approve of it being in his biography, especially since it stayed there for 16 years and was reprinted many times over before it was removed in 2007 prior to his running for President.

If the statement is true Obama was ineligible to run because he was not born in the United States, that being one of the requirements for running for the office. It is entirely possible that the statement was removed because Obama wanted to keep his birthplace from the electorate and from the people in the Democratic Party who were responsible for vetting him as a candidate. Obama has said that he was born in Hawaii but the ‘evidence’ he has produced to support this is questionable at best and has been disputed for years. If he was not born in the United States he would not have been eligible to run for office, pure and simple.

There are also many other aspects of his past which have been called into question as well, any one of which would have disqualified him from running in the first place and which disqualify from holding the office of President in the second. Obama has been very secretive and disingenuous about his past and there is much about him that we simply know nothing about. Is it possible that he wasn’t eligible to run to begin with and also isn’t eligible to hold the office of President? Absolutely. In fact, given his narcissistic personality, his ruthless character which makes lying and deceiving as natural as breathing, his penchant for historical revisionism, his obvious antipathy to America and Americans and his desire to fundamentally change the nature and face of the country, it is more than possible, it is likely.

Highly likely. He knew he had to be President to change the country the way he wanted to (to bring it down basically) and he knew that he couldn’t be President, can’t be President, without deceiving the electorate and keeping many things about himself secret. Is there a ‘smoking gun’ that can provide definitive proof of this? Not yet, but the questions and allegations are becoming overwhelming and building to a critical mass and the American people are finally recognizing and understanding that Obama has mislead and lied to them so that he could get elected President and implement his agenda, an agenda which has everything to do with his socialist ideology and nothing to do with their welfare and history..

Will we ever find a ‘smoking gun’ and be able to remove him from office immediately rather than wait for the electorate to render its verdict? Maybe, maybe not. It doesn’t really matter though. In the end an American President has to have the trust of the American people. Obama has amply demonstrated to Americans that they cannot trust him and will never be able to trust him. That’s the real reason why he won’t get elected President again and why he may not even receive the Democratic Party’s nomination for President for the upcoming election, even if no ‘smoking gun’ is discovered.

Americans can’t trust him and will never be able to trust him and they they know it.

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