Physician, Heal Thyself, Re: ‘A Play for Gaza,’ a debate on hatred, National Post, May 2, 2009

Hatred is rife in the Middle East all right but it is not hatred of Arabs by Israelis it is hatred of Israelis, Jews, by Arabs. This is the most intractable problem of all there and is the biggest roadblock to peace by far. The hatred existed long before Israel came into being and has nothing to do with any of it’s actions, in Gaza or anywhere else. It is rooted in religion and dogma, in myth and psychological factors which can only be speculated on.

People who are seriously interested in peace between Israel and it’s neighbors will do everything they can to convince Arabs to rid themselves of this hatred because peace can’t possibly exist until they do. Plays like Seven Jewish Children only prolong the agony and are nothing but a terrible disservice to everyone, including Palestinians.

Peace, prosperity and their own state will come when they stop hating, recognize and accept israel’s right to exist and stop the bombing, maiming and killing that Israelis constantly have to live with. Not before.

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