Raising the stakes, Re: Islamic Call to Prayer in the Royal Ontario Museum, Canada Free Press, May 21, 2012

The Islamic Call to Prayer made at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto on the May 21 Victoria Day holiday is an example of the creeping Islamization of Canadian society, an example of how Islam is injecting itself into Canadian society and threatening the secular, pluralistic character of the country. It is the first time that the Islamic Call to Prayer has been made in a public institution in Canada and the precedent it sets is appalling and frightening.

Its no accident that it was made on Victoria Day either. Victoria Day celebrates the birthday of the reigning Canadian monarch, Queen Elizabeth, and the fact that it was made then is a statement by Islamists (followers of Islam) that in their minds the Canadian monarch and everthing the monarchy stands for must be replaced by the Islamic monarch, Allah, his prophet, Muhammad, and his religion, Islam, and everything they stand for.

Must be and will be.

Its Islamists telling the rest of us that Islam is on the march in Canada.

Allah replacing Elizabeth in Canada, that’s what it was really all about.

Now that museum officials allowed it to take place they can expect Islamists  to up the ante, to make more and more requests to accommodate Islam in the building…there will be requests for permanent prayer rooms, for the Call to Prayer to be broadcast on an ongoing basis, for the museum’s cafeteria to serve halal-certified meat, for Islamists to approve exhibits to prevent them from insulting Islam, for exhibits that are deemed unbalanced or provocative to be removed or not shown to begin with, for all activities in the museum to come to a halt while prayers are taking place and so on.

Requests that aren’t met will soon turn into demands and those who object will be threatened and intimidated and labelled Islamophobic, racist and ignorant. If museum officials thought that the Call to Prayer on Victoria Day could and would be a one-off they were sadly mistaken. That is not how Islamists work and that is not the nature of Islam. The door has been opened and it will take herculean efforts by museum officials to slam it shut again, to prevent the ROM from being taken over by Islamists and turned into an Islamic institution.

Museum officials will need all the help and support they can get. Perhaps Torontonians, Canadians, can start by organizing a boycott of the museum until its public, secular nature is reaffirmed and procedures are put in place to prevent it from being hijacked and taken over by religious or cultural groups. That would be a very clear pronouncement that the Islamization of the Royal Ontario Museum is unacceptable and so is the Islamization of other Canadian cultural institutions and so is the Islamization of Canadian society itself.

Needless to say, a pronouncement like that is long overdue in Canada, especially one that is backed up by concrete action. Its long past time for Canadians to take meaningful steps to combat the Islamic plague that is infecting the country and threatening its very existence as a free, secular, pluralistic, liberal-democratic nation. Maybe this abominable incident at the Royal Ontario Museum will spur them on to do exactly that.

We can only hope that it will.

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