Time’s running out, Re: While West Talks, Iran Gets Closer to Nuke, Commentary Magazine, May 25, 2012

Recent talks in Baghdad between Iran and the P5+1 (the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Russia and China) about Iran’s nuclear program resulted in a defeat for the West and a victory for Iran.

The West was defeated because the talks did nothing to slow down or stop Iran’s nuclear weapons development program, did nothing to deter the Iranian’s from proceeding full speed ahead to develop nuclear weapons for use against Israel, the United States, Europe and their Islamic neighbors in the Middle East, which is of course exactly what they’re doing.

Iran was victorious because it because its strategy of stringing the West along and buying time through duplicity and meaningless negotiations until it successfully develops and possesses nuclear weapons worked yet again.

The West’s defeat and Iran’s victory was a foregone conclusion. For religious and ideological reasons Iran is totally committed to developing and possessing nuclear weapons and totally committed to using them as well, first against Israel, then against the United States and then against the others. Total commitment means total commitment. Short of destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities militarily, there is absolutely nothing the West can do to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power, not the imposition of more sanctions, not oil embargoes, not more diplomacy, not more meetings, not more condemnation and approbation, nothing.

Iran knows this and the West doesn’t, which is why Iran has been successful in stringing the West along. Iran has manipulated and deceived the West from the beginning and the West in its ignorance, naivete’ and cowardice has been laboring under delusions and making fundamental mistakes from the start.

Israelis on the other hand have no illusions and are fully aware that a nuclear Iran means a nuclear attack on Israel. They know perfectly well that the minute the Iranians become a nuclear power they will launch an attack against Israel in order to wipe the country off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth. They also know that they will have to use their military to keep nuclear weapons out of the Iranians hands because no one else will use theirs and military means are the only thing which will work.

They also know that time is running out and that Iran is much closer to developing and possessing nuclear weapons than the West believes. Just recently for example the International Atomic Energy Agency discovered that Iran is refining uranium at a rate up to 27 per cent…20 per cent is the rate that it can easily and quickly be turned into weapons grade material and the West was taken by surprise when the IAEA made the discovery because it didn’t think Iran had reached that level yet, never mind a level of 27 per cent.

The West has grossly underestimated Iran’s will, progress and intentions all along and this is just the latest example.

Time’s running out indeed.

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