Getting reelected more important than national security-Obama, Re: Loose lips at the top, National Post, June 2, 2012

President Obama hasn’t actually said that getting reelected in the upcoming presidential election this November is more important than the national security of the United States but it is patently obvious that this is what he thinks. How else to explain the deliberate leaking by the White House of sensitive, classified information about military operations carried out by the U.S. and its allies against America’s enemies, against Islamic countries such as Iran which would like nothing more than to see the United States defeated and destroyed and its government and way of life replaced with Islam and Islamic law?

Obama’s foreign policy has been a complete failure on any front anyone can think of and there is no question that America and Americans are far more vulnerable and open to attack than they were when he first took office, that the United States is far weaker and much less able to defend itself than it was when he was first elected, that its enemies have become much bolder and more willing and able to wreak havoc, destruction and death than they were since he first became President, that the chances of small and large scale attacks (including small and large scale attacks in the homeland itself) have increased exponentially with him in office.

The American people know this and that knowledge is going to be a major contributing factor in them voting him out of office in November’s election. When the White House leaks sensitive, classified information about military operations it is nothing more than Obama trying to change the electorate’s perception of him, of him trying to convince the electorate that he is a warrior who will keep America and Americans safe instead of the sucker and coward he really is, of him trying to show that he can and will protect both them and the country even though his record shows exactly the opposite..

Obama knows he cannot win the election unless that perception changes and the leaking of sensitive, classified information about military operations is a desperate attempt to change it, that’s all. We can expect much more of the same as the election draws nearer and his situation becomes more and more precarious. The man will do anything to get elected again, including jeopardize the safety and security of the American people and the national security of the United States and its allies…that is what these leaks are doing…they are nothing more than a cynical, calculated ploy to gain votes…they are sickening to watch…they deserve contempt and they are traitorous acts…loose lips sink ships alright, the loose lips are Obama’s and America and its allies will pay a terrible price for his indiscretions.

They already have to a large extent.

Not that it matters to him of course. All that matters is being elected again and if leaking sensitive, classified information about military operations and jeopardizing American lives and property and America’s national security will get him a few votes that’s exactly what he’ll do.

Or more correctly, that’s exactly what he’ll continue to do.

Unless of course he decides that its hurting him instead of helping him, in which case he’ll blame someone else for the leaks, fire the scapegoat, call for an investigation, lie to Americans and try to take credit for his handling of the situation.

Cynicism thy name is Barack Hussein Obama.

At least that’s what we think his name is. Like so much else about him, no one really knows for sure.

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