Islam should also be tried, convicted and sentenced, Re: Four convicted over terror plot against Danish newspaper, The Guardian, June 4, 2012

Four Islamists were just convicted in a court in Denmark of planning to carry out a killing spree at a Danish newspaper in retaliation for its publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in 2005. The Islamists deemed the cartoons offensive and an insult to Islam and decided to take revenge on the paper by attacking its offices and murdering as many staff as possible. Killing those who insult Islam is fully justified under the Islamic canon and Islamic law and the Islamists felt that murdering the newspaper’s staff was an entirely reasonable and legitimate thing to do under Islam’s framework.

They were of course correct because it is. In fact, acts like this are more than reasonable and legitimate according to Islam… they are mandated and rewarded.

The Islamists could be sent to prison for up to sixteen years when sentences are handed down. If the Islamists were killed in the commission of their crimes under Islam they would become martyrs and would be rewarded in heaven.

Too bad Islam itself isn’t placed on trial and convicted as well. Its beliefs, teachings and practices are backwards and atavistic in the extreme and are fundamentally at odds with free, secular, pluralistic, democratic, civilized societies. Islam preaches and demands hatred, violence, submission, misogyny, intolerance, death and destruction and requires full compliance with its poisonous imperatives upon pain of terrible consequences. Transgressions and transgressors are not permitted or tolerated. There is no freedom of any kind in Islam, least of all freedom of thought, expression or action and the Islamic way of life is completely proscribed and always has been since Islam was founded and crawled out of the desert 1,400 odd years ago. Not only is it abhorrent to people who are free and civilized it is also a serious threat to Western civilization because it is expansionist and supremacist and means to bring the entire world under its domination.

What could Islam be tried and convicted for?

How about its practices? Most of Islam’s practices don’t conform with the law of the land, are outside the law of the land, and Islam could be tried and convicted for them. Honor killings, hate crimes of all sorts, clitoridectomies and threatening, intimidating or physically harming non-compliant people for real or imagined offences against Islam are egregious examples that come to mind, but there is no shortage of others as well.

How about incitement? Islam constantly incites Islamists and others to break the law, to commit hateful, heinous, illegal acts in its name…incitement is part of the very essence of Islam and Islam could easily be tried and convicted for it.

What would an appropriate sentence be?

There’s only one.

Abolition. Islam will never evolve itself out of existence and if the civilized world is ever to be rid of it it must be rejected and abolished.

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