Few and far between, that’s where, Re: Where Are the Moderate Arabs and Palestinians?, Gatestone Institute, June 4, 2012

No one really knows where they are or how many there are. Those that do exist aren’t permitted to express themselves and the ones that try pay a terrible price, up to and including death. Arabs and Palestinians who talk about peace and coexistence with Israel are vilified, denounced as traitors, often tortured and frequently killed. Their families often suffer terrible consequences too. All we really know is that they are few and far between and that those who do dare to speak out in favor of peace and coexistence with Israel take enormous risks and exhibit tremendous courage.


Because Arab and Palestinian societies are closed, authoritarian, backward, atavistic and self-pitying, because they are consumed by hatred of Jews and hatred of Israel, because Israel’s existence is seen as an insult and an affront and a cancer in their midst, because they see terrorizing and murdering Jews and Israelis as perfectly legitimate and a means to an end and because they view Israel’s destruction as the solution to all their self-inflicted problems.

Why do they think and act like that?

One reason, essentially.

Islam and its 1,400 year old doctrine of hate, submission, violence and intolerance.

Arab and Palestinian societies are Islamic to the core and Islam teaches and mandates Jew hatred, subjugation and murder. These are religious imperatives and bred in the bone of Arabs and Palestinians. Arabs and Palestinians are bombarded and brainwashed by Islam from birth and Islam is crystal clear about how Jews, and by extension Israel, are to be thought of and treated. Islam is also crystal clear about what happens to dissenters and those that don’t go along with these imperatives and it isn’t pretty to say the least.

Want peace in the Middle East, want peaceful coexistence between Arabs, Palestinians, Israelis and Jews? It won’t happen unless and until Arabs and Palestinians start thinking and acting for themselves, reject Islam and drag themselves into the twenty-first century instead of the seventh-century where they are now.


Moderate Islam? No such thing. Moderate Arabs and Palestinians? Few and far between and very, very courageous.

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