Evil, sick and demented, no matter what the reason is, Re: Beheading Is On The Rise All Over The World, Right Side News, June 6, 2012

Luka Magnotta is a 29 year old Canadian gay porn actor who murdered, dismembered, beheaded and cannibalized a 33 year old international student in Montreal, filmed the entire event, posted the video on the internet and mailed severed body parts to political parties and schools across Canada.

His actions mortified, sickened and disgusted Canadians and virtually everyone else who became aware of them and he has been roundly condemned as an evil, sick person.

At the same time, beheading in the name of Islam is common all over the world…beheading has in fact always been an integral part of Islam and beheadings have taken place under its rubric from the very beginning.

Just recently for example beheadings in the name of Islam have occurred in Tunisia, Nigeria, Germany, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Thailand and the United States.

Muslims who have converted to another religion, particularly Christianity, women and Westerners who have been abducted by Islamists (people who follow Islam e.g. believers) are frequently slaughtered in this way but beheading is not reserved solely for them by any means. Islamists behead a wide variety of people whose actions, beliefs or mere existence they find objectionable and they think it is a perfectly reasonable and legitimate thing to do under Islam.

They are correct. Under Islam it is.

While beheading has always been a prominent part of Islam’s narrative and reality it seems to be on the increase, especially in the West as Western countries become more and more populated with Islamists and especially as Islamists become more conversant with mass communication and use it as a weapon to sow terror, subjugation and submission to Islam.

Or perhaps we’re just becoming more aware of it because of the internet.

So, if someone like Luka Magnotta who beheads another person is evil, sick and demented aren’t Islamists who behead other people evil, sick and demented too? Beheading is beheading after all.

They most certainly are.

Even if they are doing it in the name of Islam and under Islam’s rubric.

What about those who advocate or justify beheading in the name of Islam or under Islam’s rubric but who don’t actually do it?

Them too.

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