Americans’ decision is easy, Re: Barack Obama: Europe faces tough decisions, BBC News, June 11, 2012

U.S. President Obama is lecturing and hectoring European leaders on how to solve the economic crisis there that is threatening to plunge the continent and its countries into bankruptcy and its people into penury and trigger a worldwide depression. He wants Europeans to tax and spend their way out of their economic problems instead of dealing with the deficits, debts and underlying ideological and structural factors that got them in trouble in the first place.

This from a President whose stewardship of the American economy has arguably been the most inept and ineffective of any President in the history of the U.S., a President whose economic policies and performance have proved catastrophic for America and Americans and a President that has proven to be economically illiterate and that cannot offer any workable solutions to the countries severe economic problems, problems which have been made immeasurably worse since he was elected and took responsibility for the economy.

President Obama has shown many things during his Presidency and one of the things he has shown is a complete inability to fix America’s economy, to solve America’s economic problems either now or in the future. He has also shown that his economic policies will sink America’s economy and Americans’  lives along with it, that he has no understanding of how modern economies work, that he is simply unqualified to preside over economic matters, for America or anywhere else, and that he is unwilling and unable to change his ways and make necessary course changes because of his narcissism and socialist, big-government ideology.

Europeans face tough economic decisions alright. Whatever they do however they should disregard any economic advice they get from Obama. All they have to do is look at his economic track record to know that taking economic advice from him is the last thing they should do. Obama’s tax and spend solution is really no solution at all. It has proven catastrophic for America and Americans and will prove catastrophic for Europe and Europeans as well.

Americans’ decision on the other hand isn’t really tough at all. Its very simple and straightforward, very stark and clear. They have to decide whether to reelect him in Novembers Presidential election and watch their economy and country die or whether to remove him from office and watch their economy and country revive and resurrect themselves.

Here’s betting that he’s gone because that’s an easy decision to make, whether its based on the economy or any of the other numerous areas in which Obama has utterly failed, national security, energy, education, human relations and the ongoing Islamization of the country being but a few others.

My fellow Americans and I may be many things, but stupid and suicidal we’re not.

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