Obama’s latest Executive Order sets a new low, even for him, Re: Politics Dictates Deportation Policy, Commentary Magazine, June 16, 2012

Issuing Executive Orders is something President Obama has done on a regular basis since he was elected. These Executive Orders are issued by him unilaterally either because he cannot persuade Congress to agree to a particular course of action or because the Constitution of the United States prohibits him from doing whatever it is he wants to do and he feels it necessary to bypass, ignore or override it to implement his agenda.

Or both.

These Executive Orders are a clear violation of the Separation of Powers doctrine the U.S. was founded upon and a clear, unambiguous statement by Obama that he feels he is not bound by Congress or the Constitution and that he will do whatever he wants to in spite of their restraints. Every time he issues an Executive Order he takes more and more power unto himself and loosens the restraints placed upon the Presidency…every time he issues an Executive Order Congress and the Constitution become that much more irrelevant…every time he issues an Executive Order democracy is further eroded and comes that much closer to dying…every time he issues an Executive Order he becomes more and more of a dictator unfettered by Congress, the Constitution or in the end, the Courts.

The Courts you say? Yes, the Courts.

For example, the Supreme Court of the United States is about to rule on the constitutionality of Obamacare, Obama’s much maligned effort to transform health care in America. Let’s say that the Court rules against Obama and states that Obamacare cannot be implemented because it is unconstitutional, as it easily could. That should be the end of the matter, right? Not necessarily. Obama has spent his Presidency flouting the restraints of Congress and the Constitution and he could very well try to flout the Supreme Court as well. His penchant for issuing Executive Orders has certainly established a precedent, so what’s to stop him, especially if the Supreme Court vote is a close one?
He has already ignored, bypassed or overridden Congress and the Constitution on numerous occasions and he could try and do the same to the Supreme Court too.

Dictator Obama, its not as far-fetched as you think.

Issuing Executive Orders is bad enough but his latest one sets a new low, even for Obama, because it was issued for purely political reasons, because it was issued purely because he thinks it will help him get reelected in Novembers Presidential election and for no other reason. The Executive Order he just issued means that upwards of 800,000 illegal immigrants to the United States will be allowed to live and work in the the U.S. without fear of getting deported. The vast majority of these illegal immigrants are Hispanic and Obama has made a political calculation that the Executive Order will mean that the Hispanic community in America will vote for him en masse in the election. Since his political fortunes are sliding and he desperately needs every vote he can beg, steal or borrow if he is to be returned to office, he issued the Executive Order purely to curry favor with the Hispanic community, one of his key constituencies and a constituency he has to win if he wants to retain the Presidency. Not only was it political, it was blatantly political and a slap in the face to all Americans who value and love democracy. There was nothing subtle about it at all.

The Executive Order is entirely cynical, selfish and self-serving and is plainly not in the best interests of the country in any way, shape or form. Whether it delivers the Hispanic vote to him remains to be seen…that he acted in his own perceived best interest instead of the country’s is patently obvious.

Obama’s latest Executive Order…just one more reason why Americans need to vote him out of office in November…why Americans have to vote him out of office in November if they want to avoid living under a dictatorship.

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