Egyptians will soon learn that Islam isn’t the answer, Re: Islamist Wins In Egypt, National Post, June 25, 2012

“If I don’t obey God in serving you, you have no commitment to obey me.”

“The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal”

Egyptian President-elect Mohamed Morsi.

All those Egyptians who voted for Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi in the recent election in the hope of securing a better, more prosperous future for them and their children are going to be sorely disappointed. A better, more prosperous future for them and their children is the last thing they will get. What they will get is more hunger, more poverty, more restraints, more blood and more death.


Because what they really voted for was an exit from the twenty-first century and a return to the seventh, the century from which the Prophet Muhammad and Islam were foisted upon the world.

Because Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood masters have made no secret of their desire to turn Egypt into a full-fledged Islamic state and institute Islamic law, Sharia, as the law of the land.

Because there is no such thing as moderate Islam and that is precisely what they are going to try and do, regardless of the cost and regardless of anything they say to the contrary.

Because throughout history Islam has sown nothing but destruction, blood and death in its path and it cannot help but do the same in Egypt because sowing destruction, blood and death is what Islam does and has always done.

Because Islam cannot possibly solve, or even come to grips with, Egypt’s deep-rooted economic problems, cannot possibly solve, or even come to grips with, the hunger and poverty that is already endemic in the country. Withdrawing from the twenty-first century and returning to the seventh will only increase poverty and hunger in Egypt, not decrease them. If Egyptians think they’re poor and hungry now just wait awhile and see what Islam brings them.

Because hatred, intolerance, misogyny and cruelty are at Islam’s core.

Because strict adherence to Sharia is rigidly enforced and woe be to anyone who acts outside its requirements and strictures.

Because there is no room at all in Islam for independent, innovative thinking or acting.

Because by definition freedom, democracy and human rights are foreign to Islam and have been from its very beginning.

Because the vast majority of educated, skilled Egyptians will leave the country if they can rather than live in the seventh century.

Because hatred and disgust for Christians and Jews in particular is part of Islam’s essence, which makes institutionalized persecution of Egypt’s Christians and war with Israel inevitable.

Because brutal repression, blood on the streets and widespread social unrest are virtually guaranteed as the Muslim Brotherhood consolidates its grip on power and makes Islam omnipresent.

Because, because, because.

Egyptians lives under the Muslim Brotherhood will be much worse under the Muslim Brotherhood alright and Egyptians will soon come to recognize and understand that the former Mubarak government had very good reasons for keeping it far from the levers of power. In the short term there will be a great deal of pain and suffering. In the long term the possibility exists that Egyptians will come to their senses, reject the Muslim Brotherhood and throw off Islam’s shackles because they have realized that they will never prosper in any sense of the word unless they do.

That is when the Arab Spring will truly begin in Egypt, not before.

Until then it will be Arab Winter. Hungry, cold, bloody, seventh century Arab Winter.

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