Palestinians make peace impossible, Re: What are your hopes for Mid East peace?, BBC News Website, September 3, 2009

There is no chance of peace between Palestinians and Israel in the foreseeable future because Palestinians make it imposible.

In order for peace to occur Palestinians must reject violence, recognize and accept Israel and get rid of the religious fanatics and islamofascists in their midst who do nothing but spout lies and propaganda, sow terror and hatred and war and hold everyone else hostage to their antiquated and lunatic beliefs. Since there is absolutely no reason to think that this will happen anytime soon there is also absolutely no reason to think that peace will happen anytime soon either, no matter who intervenes.

This of course includes President Obama, who in fact is making things worse because he is failing to deal with the real cause of the conflict, which is the inability or unwillingness of Palestinians to do any of the above.

It really is their own fault you know.

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