Latest Islamic Pyramid Scheme, Re: Muslim Clerics Calling For Destruction Of Egypt’s Pyramids, Atlas Shrugs, July 10, 2012

Now that the Muslim Brotherhood and its puppet president Muhammad Morsi are in power in Egypt prominent Islamic clerics in the Middle East and beyond have called for the country’s pyramids to be destroyed.

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Never mind that the pyramids are among the wonders of the world. Never mind that they attract vast numbers of tourists to Egypt and that the country could not survive economically without them and the money they spend. Never mind that the pyramids are universal symbols of wonder and ingenuity and mystery. Never mind that they are thousands of years old and that all those who view them are awed by their size and scope. Never mind that they really belong to all mankind, not just the Egyptians. Never mind that destroying them would be a human tragedy of epic proportions and that people all over the world would be angered, disgusted and sickened. The Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi are Islamist to the core and Islam sees them as nothing more than pagan symbols which must be destroyed because their existence is an affront to the Prophet Muhammad, Allah and Islam itself.

There is absolutely no room in Islam for anything outside its purview and since the pyramids are both outside its purview and huge and universal as well destroying them is required. Similar destruction has occurred as long as Islam has existed and destroying them would be entirely in keeping with Islam’s history, tradition, narrative and imperatives…it wouldn’t be unusual at all and those that destroy them would congratulate themselves and feel proud of themselves for carrying out Islam’s mandate.

Will they really be destroyed? Now that Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi are in power in Egypt you can bet on it. If you want to see them before they’re demolished you’d better go soon.

Unless you’re Christian or Jewish or Hindu or some other sort of non-believer…a non-Islamist.
In that case you’re not welcome and are advised to stay away. Islam cannot abide you any more than it can abide the pyramids and now that the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi and their Islamist cronies control things if you go to Egypt to see them you are taking your life in your hands and could easily, very easily, be attacked and killed.

Attacking and killing non-believers also being entirely in keeping with Islam’s history, tradition, narrative and imperatives…entirely in keeping with Islam’s reality, from its beginning to the present day.

The pyramids are seen as worthless because they are outside of Islam’s purview and if you’re a non-believer so are you.

Go ahead, look it up.

Oh, and by the way, destroying the pyramids would be bad enough but there is worse, much worse, to come in Egypt.

Now that the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi and their Islamist cronies are in power.

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