The enemy within, Re: ‘Don’t interfere’: Ottawa warns Iranian embassy over alleged recruitment of expats in Canada, National Post, July 11, 2012

Hamid Mohammadi is a cultural affairs counsellor with the Iranian embassy in Ottawa. During an interview he recently gave in Farsi to a website directed at Iranians living in Canada he called upon them to infiltrate the Canadian government and advance Iran’s interests both inside and outside the country. He said the embassy plans to reach out to the Iranian community in Canada by presenting cultural programs, the goal being to persuade Iranians in Canada to “be of service to our beloved Iran.”

This has raised serious concerns among terrorism experts and government officials in Canada and the United States. Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and an implacable enemy of the United States, Canada and the West in general. Operatives from the Iranian community in Canada could be used to commit terrorist acts in the U.S. because if they hold a Canadian passport they can enter the U.S. relatively easily and once inside the U.S. they can commit all kinds of mayhem and murder. Operatives who infiltrate government, either government, can cause an enormous amount of damage as well.

These concerns are not to be taken lightly. Iran has been linked to many terrorism related activities in the United States in recent years, including a brazen attempt to assassinate the Ambassador from Saudi Arabia in Washington. Iran would love to have Iranian/Canadians with Canadian passports at its disposal because that would make it much easier for its operatives to enter the U.S. and by extension, much easier for it to bring its war against America to the American homeland itself. Iranian operatives that infiltrate government can also advance Iran’s interests (which most certainly aren’t Canada’s, America’s or the West’s) from inside too. Americans have a real problem with Islamists who have infiltrated government at all levels and Iranian operatives from Canada would exacerbate it.

Despite its meaningless protestations the Iranian embassy in Ottawa has long been involved in promoting anti-Canadian, anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli, anti-American and anti-Western activities in Canada. Mohammadi’s interview was a clear, unequivocal statement that the embassy intends to keep on conducting its nefarious activities in Canada, that it in fact intends to expand them. It has also sparked legitimate, real, well-founded fears that the embassy may be used to recruit terrorists to attack the United States.

David Harris, former head of operations for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service believes that the embassy is a menace to public safety in Canada and inimical to Canada’s national interests and should be closed. He’s right. The West, including Canada, is at war with Iran and that is the least Canadians can do…the least Canadians should do. A warning to cease and desist is useless. Iran pays no attention at all to warnings to cease and desist, witness its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The enemy isn’t at the gate in Canada anymore. The enemy is within…within the Iranian embassy in Ottawa. Canadians in general may not be fully aware of that, yet, but their enemies in Iran and the embassy certainly are.

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