Read this while you can, Re: Pointing the Way for Freedom of Speech and the Press, Gates of Vienna, July 12, 2012

Islamists are seeking to ban freedom of speech and freedom of expression all over the world.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which comprises 57 Islamic countries, is trying to enact the blasphemy provisions of Islamic law, Sharia, worldwide…to make it illegal to debate, question, criticize, examine, satirize, mock, expose, raise concerns or raise objections about Islam or anything related to it and to punish transgressors according to Sharia if they do.

It could very well succeed. In this politically correct age we live in there is a great deal of support for their effort in the United Nations and in many countries throughout Europe and the West, including that bastion of freedom, the United States…countries that should know better because if the OIC succeeds in turning the blasphemy provisions of Sharia into international law freedom of speech and freedom of expression will no longer exist and free, democratic countries will be free and democratic in name only, if that.

Your right to read, write or express yourself about Islam or anything related to it in any but the most doctrinaire of ways will no longer exist and you will be punished under Sharia if you do…you will not be able to read freely, to speak freely, to write freely or to otherwise express yourself freely and if you try to do any of those things you will be subjected to Sharia and punished. You will in effect find yourself living in an Islamic country governed by Islamic law, whether you live in the United States or any other country in the West where the law will be applied, and your civil liberties will be a thing of the past.

Fortunately, there are people and organizations among us who recognize and understand the serious threat to freedom of speech, freedom of expression and civil liberties in general posed by the OIC, Islamists and Islam itself and who are working hard on our behalf to preserve and protect them.

The International Civil Liberties Alliance is one such organization.

The ICLA just held a conference in the European Parliament in Brussels in direct response to the OIC’s effort to impose Sharia law on us, to ban freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Over 100 people from 18 countries attended the conference and Lars Hedegaard of Denmark was presented with a Defender of Freedom Award on behalf of the ICLA and freedom lovers everywhere…Hedegaard is the founder of the Danish Free Press Society and the International Free Press Society and is himself a victim of Islamic intolerance, intimidation and violence because he dared to express unflattering views about Islam.

The conference also launched concrete measures to stimulate public discussion on the conflict between freedom and Sharia and to provide guidance to politicians and lawmakers on dealing with Sharia’s totalitarian reality.

So, if you value freedom and democracy and you’re concerned that your civil liberties, your right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, will be lost at the hands of the OIC, Islamists and Islam rest assured that you are not alone, especially if you live in the West. There are people and organizations in your country and community which share your concerns, which are working very hard to keep freedom alive and which would love to have you join them in the struggle to keep freedom’s light shining brightly. You may pay a personal price for taking up the fight but fighting for freedom is worth it.

Congratulations and thanks to the ICLA and Lars Hedegaard. Your work is valued, appreciated and very, very necessary.


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