Tell us another one, Re: Olympic security not compromised by G4S shortfall, says Lord Coe, The Guardian, July 15, 2012

Lord Coe, the Chairman of the London 2012 Olympics, has said that security for the games has not been compromised even though it has just been revealed that G4S, the firm contracted to provide security at the venues, has failed to recruit and hire enough staff and that many of the staff that have been recruited and hired may not be able to do their job properly… allegations have surfaced that many of those recruited and hired slept through training sessions, have little or no security experience (or work experience of any kind for that matter), have not been properly vetted, are not terribly interested in working for the eight pounds fifty per hour salary and will desert their posts or not show up in the first place or may only be able to speak pidgin English.

As of this writing 3,500 British military personnel are being called upon to make up the shortfall and more may be required as time goes by and the security situation for the venues plays itself out. With less than two weeks to go before the opening ceremony the security situation for the venues is a fiasco and that is putting it mildly. Very mildly.

Yet Lord Coe says security for the games has not been compromised.

Bollocks, or tell us another porker, as ordinary Brits might say. There is no possible way security for the venues has not been compromised. Britain is full of Islamic terrorists and potential terrorists who would like nothing better than to commit mayhem and murder at the games, to blow up and kill people at an Olympic venue in the name of Islam, and the compromised security situation makes it that much easier for them. The chances of a catastrophic event taking place were high before the security fiasco came to light. They are much higher now that security shortcomings have become common knowledge. A catastrophic event was likely before this. Now it is a virtual certainty.

Sorry Lord Coe security for the Olympics has most definitely been compromised. If I was an Islamic terrorist or potential terrorist I’d be salivating at this golden opportunity to commit mayhem and murder. On the other hand, if I was a tourist or ticket holder I’d be very reluctant to go anywhere near an Olympic venue for fear of getting blown up, for fear of getting killed.

Although I hate to say it here’s a prediction, a very safe one. Islamists living in Britain will set off explosives at an Olympic venue and many people will be killed or wounded. I hope that by some miracle the prediction doesn’t come true of course but sad to say I fully believe that it will.

Islamists living in Britain…isn’t mass immigration and multiculturalism wonderful?

Oh well, if there is a catastrophic event, maybe it will spur Brits on to wake up, come to their senses, deal with the Islamic plague in their midst and take serious, concrete measures to keep the Islamists among them from turning Britain into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law, which is precisely what they want to do and precisely what they are working very hard to do. The Islamization of Britain is well and truly underway and has already had a terrible effect on the country and its institutions and way of life…perhaps a catastrophic event will be a catalyst to stop the damage and reverse it.

That’s some consolation, but not much of one if you or someone from your family gets killed or wounded at the 2012 London Olympics.

Tell us another porker Lord Coe.

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