Misguided rant at Toronto International Film Festival, Re: Film Festival Joins ‘Israeli Propaganda Machine’: Celebrities, National Post, September 4, 2009

Too bad Palestinians don’t have the sense, intelligence and courage to build their own Tel Aviv. If they did they would be immeasurably better off and we wouldn’t have to put up with their continual bleating, nor would Israelis have to live with the constant threat of being killed or maimed or seeing their country destroyed.

In order for that to happen Palestinians would have to reject violence, recognize and accept Israel and get rid of the religious fanatics and islamofascists in their midst who do nothing but spout lies and propaganda, sow hatred and terror and war and hold everyone hostage to theirĀ  lunatic ideas and antiquated beliefs.

Palestinian failure to do any of these things is the true root of the conflict and the real cause of the plight they find themselves in. Call them anti-semitic or not, but the misguided rants of ‘celebrities’ like the one at the Toronto International Film Festival are disingenuous and actually make things worse for Palestinians because they reinforce their feeling of victimhood and place no blame or onus on them for anything, least of all creating or solving their own problems.

A Palestinian Tel Aviv? Not if the dolts who signed the TIFF letter have anything to do with it.

Now there’s something to be really angry about.

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