Palestinian life-a snapshot, Re: Hillary Blames Israel for Middle East Woes, FrontPage Magazine, July 17, 2012

Here are a few recent lowlights, that’s lowlights not highlights, about Palestinian life I found on a brief, cursory search of the internet today. I found many others I could have given as well but time, space and beautiful summer weather won’t permit me to.

Hamas has renewed its policy of demolishing Palestinian homes in order to use the land for its own purposes. This follows demolitions which took place earlier this year. One hundred and twenty families are slated to lose their homes in this latest round of demolitions, a far higher number than Israel has demolished in recent years. This is causing a great deal of pain and suffering for the families involved but Hamas is proceeding anyway, even though there are no compelling economic, social or military reasons for doing so, no compelling reasons at all really.

Christians in Gaza just held a public protest against forcible conversions to Islam there, which have been increasing in number since Hamas took power five years ago. The population of the Christian community in Gaza has shrunk to approximately 1,500 hundred people from approximately 3,500 people in recent years, in large part because of forced conversions, and the demonstrators showed a great deal of courage because they knew full well that Hamas would punish them severely for speaking out about their plight.

Fatah has just named a summer camp for young people “Sisters of Dalal Mughrabi”. Mughrabi was a female terrorist who led the most lethal terrorist attack against Israel in the countries history, which is really saying something. The attack took place in 1978 and 37 Israeli civilians were murdered, 12 of them children. Mughrabi has been honored and glorified ever since and she is frequently presented as a heroine and role model, especially for Palestinian youth.

A subcommittee of the United States House of Representatives heard testimony that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his two sons have been siphoning off millions of dollars of foreign aid funds and that corruption is both rampant and endemic in the Palestinian Authority. This is nothing new at all. It is well known that former President Yasser Arafat was among the most corrupt of men and that corruption in the Authority and many other Palestinian institutions is long-standing and deep-rooted. Ordinary Palestinians are well aware that corruption is a fact of life and the testimony given to the subcommittee will come as no surprise to them.

Not surprisingly, international condemnation about any of this has been non-existent…the international community has been utterly silent about any of it. Imagine what would happen if the Israelis were guilty of any of these activities? The reaction would be swift and virulent and Israelis and Israel would be condemned in no uncertain terms. Punished too.

Therein lies the difference. Palestinians get excused for anything and everything and get an completely free ride for whatever they do, no matter how heinous and inhuman. No one calls them to task for anything, terrorism, mayhem, murder, anything. Israelis on the other hand get blamed for anything and everything, are under constant, minute scrutiny and are vilified and attacked even when they defend themselves against those who would destroy and obliterate their country.

A snapshot of Palestinian life-sickening isn’t it?

As for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the rest blaming Israel for Middle East woes that’s more than sickening, that’s ignorant, blind, dumb, idiotic, naive, foolish, shortsighted, worrisome and extremely dangerous too.


You bet. Israel is absolutely vital to the national security of the United States and Clinton, Obama and their fellow ideologues forget it at American’s peril. The United States has no better friend and closer ally than Israel and when Israel is vilified, attacked and imperilled America and the rest of the free world are as well. Vilify, attack and imperil Israel and you vilify, attack and imperil the rest of the free world too.

Israel responsible for Middle East woes…what rubbish, utter and complete rubbish. Palestinians, their Arab brethren and fellow Islamists and anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, anti-American bigots and ideologues of all stripes are responsible, no one else.


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