Better hope not, Re: Assad will fall, Israeli spy chief predicts, Vancouver Sun, July 18, 2012

The head of military intelligence in Israel just told a closed session of Israel’s parliament that it is merely a matter of time before Syrian President Bashar Assad is overthrown. Major General Aviv Kochavi said that Assad would not be able to defeat the uprising in Syria and that his fall from power was dead certain. Kochavi made his comments before the bombing which killed the Syrian Defence Minister and Deputy Defence Minister and wounded the Interior Minister during a high level security meeting in Damascus. Assef Shawat, the Deputy Defence Minister, was also President Assad’s brother-in-law. The bombing was a crippling blow to the Syrian President and his inner circle and gives credence to Kochavi’s statements.

All of which should cause a great deal of consternation and fear for Syria’s minority Alawite and Christian communities and whatever other religious minorities that still survive in the country as well, not to mention Israelis and anyone else who wants to keep war from breaking out and engulfing the Middle East.

Syria’s population is roughly 22 million people, approximately three million of whom are Alawite and 2 million of whom are Christian…the population of other religious minorities in Syria is negligible. That leaves approximately 17 million Syrians who are Islamist and have no liking or tolerance for the Alawites, Christians and others in their midst to begin with, 17 million Syrians who will be led by the Muslim Brotherhood…the Islamist organization that is at the head of the uprising and which will take power should Assad be toppled…the Islamist organization whose attitude toward and intentions for religious minorities in countries they rule are well-known and beyond dispute…the Islamist organization whose attitude toward and intentions for Jews, Israelis and Israel are also well-known and beyond dispute.

What does all this mean?

It means that should Assad be toppled the Muslim Brotherhood will take over in Syria and that there will be a massive, unimaginable bloodbath in the country…Alawites, Christians and the others will be victims of genocide. It also means that Syria will attack and attempt to destroy Israel because it simply cannot abide a Jewish presence in the Middle East, let alone a Jewish country as a neighbor. Blood, blood and more blood throughout the Middle East, that is what a Muslim Brotherhood victory in Syria will bring…religious persecution, ethnic cleansing, destruction, death and war…that is what a Muslim Brotherhood victory in Syria will bring. Of that there can be no doubt. Islam, history and reality tell us exactly what will happen.


Assad may be a malevolent dictator but should he be overthrown at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood the world will soon see that he was by far the lesser of two evils. That does not mean that Assad’s behaviour is acceptable. It isn’t. Nevertheless, evil though he is, the forces that would be unleashed should he be toppled at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood will dwarf whatever he did during his time in power.

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