No sane, rational justification for mass murder of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, Re: Lethal terror bombing of Israeli tourists, American Thinker, July 18, 2012

I was going to begin by saying that there are no words to describe the bus bombing in Bulgaria yesterday which targeted Israeli tourists, killing at least six of them and wounding over thirty others as of this writing. I would have been wrong. There are words, lots of them.

Here are some that come to mind.

Monstrous…barbaric…inhuman…evil…savage…grotesque…horrific…insane…sickening…repulsive…revolting…nauseating…irrational…psychopathic…atavistic and abhorrent. There are many others in the same vein as well.

They describe the bombing itself, whoever was responsible for it and the creed and ideology that was behind it, the creed and ideology that justified it and in whose name it was carried out.

That’s Islam.

There is simply no sane, rational justification for the bombing, for the mass murder, and people of good heart and good conscience are sickened and appalled by it, as they should be.

That includes Muslims, millions of them.

What kind of sane, rational person would set off a bomb in a bus full of tourists in order to murder and mutilate as many of them as possible? None, because no sane, rational person would commit such an act.

What kind of sane, rational creed or ideology would justify the bombing? None, because bombing a bus full of tourists in order to murder and mutilate as many of them as possible is, by definition, insane, irrational and unjustifiable.


That about covers it.

Actually, one more word comes to mind too.


Israelis, and Americans as well for that matter, have long been the victims of terrorist attacks. They are spreading and becoming more frequent for a variety of reasons (blindness, ignorance, stupidity, political correctness, misplaced sympathy, misplaced blame, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, the rise of Islam, technology, a complicit media, weak and complicit politicians, you name it) and may soon come to a community near you, if they haven’t already.


Entirely predictable.

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