Lies my president told me, Re: Big lies in politics, Toronto Sun, August 10, 2012

I am an an American and my president has lied to me.

Frequently, regularly and consistently.

About everything.

He has lied about his past.

He has lied about his beliefs.

He has lied about his religion.

He has lied about his friends, acquaintances, colleagues and associates.

He has lied about the economy.

He has lied about national security.

He has lied about the state of the nation.

He has lied about America’s place in the world.

He has lied about his commitment to the rule of law.

He has lied about his commitment to the Constitution and his willingness to act within the boundaries and limitations of his office.

He has lied about his commitment to freedom and democracy in America.

He has lied about his commitment to our friends and allies.

He has lied about the environment.

He has lied about his leadership and political practices and his role in particular events.

He has lied about Islam and the Islamic world.

He has lied about his rivals and opponents.

Perhaps most egregiously of all, he has lied about America’s history, traditions, values and institutions, about America’s enormous and unprecedented achievements at home and around the world.

And on and on…based on his track record there is no doubt that President Obama is a serial, pathological liar and that he will continue to lie to the American people in the future just as he has in the past.

That is why Americans cannot and should not believe a word he says about anything. He simply cannot be trusted.

That is also why Americans should vote against him in November’s presidential election, should not return him to office for a second term. After all, if Americans can’t trust their president who can they trust?

The most important thing in President Obama’s life is getting re-elected in November so that he can continue to transform America according to his socialist, big government, anti-American ideology. His campaign to date has been full of exaggerations, distortions, denials, sleaze and blatant, outright lies. This is because he has no real achievements to point to, because of his personality and philosophy and because his time in office has been destructive at best and catastrophic at worst. We can except more of the same until the election as he tries desperately to cling to power, as he tries desperately to sucker the American people into giving him four more years to lead the country to rack and ruin.

Lies, lies and more lies…that is what we can expect between now and the election.

Americans shouldn’t believe a word of it and should throw him out of office in November.

For their good and for the good of the rest of the world too.

I am an American. My president has lied to me and I am very, very angry, upset and worried.

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