Romney and Ryan right choice for country, Re: Paul Ryan: A Serious VP Pick for a Serious Election, FrontPage Magazine, August 12, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate in the upcoming presidential election in the United States, as the the Republican Party’s candidate for vice president.

Ryan is an excellent choice because he is American to the core, because he embodies everything that America stands for and made her great and because he has the ability, knowledge, experience, drive and charisma to beat Obama at his own glib game  and expose him for what he is… an emperor with no clothes who would lead the country to rack and ruin if he was elected again. Unlike Obama, he is a true patriot, hardworking, capable, a team player and very, very serious.

The differences between Romney and Ryan and Obama and whoever he chooses as his running mate couldn’t be more stark and give Americans a clear choice…electing Obama and watching him continue to destroy America and American’s lives along with it or electing Romney and Ryan and watching them re-invigorate and rebuild America and undo the damage to her values, institutions, economy and way of life that occurred under Obama.

Romney and Ryan stand for fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets, equality of opportunity, easing the tax burden, capitalism and the entrepreneurial spirit, a strong military and the willingness to use it in America’s best interests, the supremacy of the Constitution and the rule of law, freedom and democracy in general and freedom of speech and freedom of expression in particular, standing by America’s friends and allies, a return to America’s leadership role in the world and ensuring that Americans are safe, secure and prosperous once again. They have an unshakeable commitment to the American spirit and American ideals and believe that unleashing them will return America to her former greatness. Their rebuilding and restoration plans are practical, ethical, prudent, achievable and unfortunately exceedingly necessary.

They also have great confidence in the American people themselves, which is why their campaign will be based on issues and ideas, unlike Obama’s which will be based on sleaze, lies and demonization.

Obama and his fellow travellers on the other hand stand for unlimited spending, huge, unsustainable deficits and debt, government intrusion and control into all areas of life, eroding and eliminating free markets, reduced opportunities for upward mobility and for Americans to improve their lot in life, ever increasing taxes, user fees and entitlements, bureaucratic overkill, destroying capitalism and the entrepreneurial spirit, weakening the military and making it incapable of defending the country and acting in its best interests, acting outside the boundaries and restrictions of the Constitution, subverting the rule of law, eroding freedom and democracy in general and freedom of speech and freedom of expression in particular, deserting America’s friends and allies, making America one player among many on the world stage, rendering her unable to defend freedom and democracy and act as leader of the free world and making America and American’s subject to international “law”, international tribunals and the machinations of dictators, despots and religious zealots.

Far from making Americans safe, secure and prosperous Obama and his fellow travellers have done exactly the opposite. They have no faith whatsoever in American values, ideals or institutions and view them as impediments to establishing their socialist, big-government anti-American agenda.

Obama has done all of this and more in his first term and there is no doubt whatsoever that he will do more of the same should he be elected to a second. There is also no doubt that he will bring America and Americans to their knees if he is returned to office, not only metaphorically but literally too. The choice for Americans in the next presidential election is very stark and couldn’t be more clear…elect Romney and Ryan and watch them rebuild and restore the country or elect Obama and whoever he chooses as his running mate and watch them destroy and kill it.

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