A story as old as Islam, Re: Aleppo’s residents struggling to stay alive, Middle East Online, August 17, 2012

Shortly after Muhammad’s death 1,400 odd years ago Islam split into factions which have been at each others throats ever since. Internecine warfare began then and has continued right up to the present day. From the very beginning, all over the Islamic world adherents of different strains and interpretations of Islam have been busily killing each other in order to establish their dominance and it is continuing to happen as we speak. We see it in Syria, Egypt, Iran, the rest of the Middle East and everywhere there is a significant Islamic presence. Islamists, e.g. followers of Islam, killing other Islamists in the name of their interpretation of Islam…its a story as old as Islam itself.

That is why intervention by the international community in the current religious/civil war in Syria and the coming religious/civil war in Egypt would be pointless from a humanitarian point of view. Intervention may halt atrocities for a brief period but it is just a question of time before they resume again History tells exactly that, regardless of anything proponents and apologists for Islam might say to the contrary.

Conquering and subjugating non-Islamists, non-believers, is a basic tenet of Islam however and is common to all of its strains. Islam is supremacist and expansionist by nature and all of its adherents are mandated to conquer and subjugate non-Islamists, non-believers, who are universally seen as inferior beings. That is part and parcel of Islam and anyone who believes in Islam in any way, shape or form is required by it to conquer and subjugate non-Islamists, non-believers in general. As for Christians and Jews, especially Jews, Islamists are required to do much more than that, which is of course why the United States and Israel are so hated and vilified by them.

Its not so much that their people are Americans and Israelis as such. Its that the United States is essentially a Christian nation and Israel is a Jewish nation and Islam cannot abide Christianity or Judaism…its followers must destroy both in order to remain true to it…one simply cannot be true to Islam and tolerate the existence of Christianity or Judaism, of Christians and Jews…if one is an Islamist Christianity and Judaism, Christians and Jews, the United States and Israel, have to be much more than conquered and subjugated…they have to be killed and destroyed, pure and simple. Being a non-Isamist, a non-believer, is bad enough…being a Christian or Jew is infinitely worse.

Which brings us to the reason, the only reason, why the United States and/or Israel must intervene in Syria and Iran. Syria has weapons of mass destruction and they must be removed before they are used against America and Israel, as they surely will be. Iran’s nuclear intentions are well known and beyond dispute and the Iranians must be prevented from becoming a nuclear power to keep them from using nuclear weapons against America and Israel. Intervention by the United States and/or Israel in Syria and Iran to prevent weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons being used against the United States and Israel…that’s the only reason for the Americans and/or the Israelis to take matters into their own hands.

Its called survival.

As for the internecine warfare that has plagued Islam from practically day one…like I said, Islamists killing Islamists is an old story, as old as Islam itself, and intervention by the United States, Israel or anyone else isn’t going to stop it, no matter how well intentioned it might be..

Islamists will have to do that for themselves.

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