Silence isn’t golden-Obama, irresponsibility and Iran, Re: What Obama Isn’t Saying About Iran, Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2012

Iran’s nuclear weapons development program is the biggest external threat there is to the national security of the United States, bar none.

If and when Iran becomes a nuclear power there is no doubt that she will use nuclear weapons against the U.S. at some point, with an accompanying incalculable loss of American lives and property. In the meantime it is a foregone conclusion that she will use her nuclear weapons against Israel in an attempt to remove the Jewish state and America’s only true friend and ally in the Middle East (and perhaps the world too for that matter) from the face of the earth…that in turn will cripple the national security of the United States and make the U.S. far more vulnerable than it otherwise is.

There is no question whatsoever that a nuclear Iran would be catastrophic for the United States and Israel and by extension the rest of the Middle East and free world as well, whether the Iranians succeed in wiping out Israel or not. There is also no question whatsoever that it is in both countries best interests to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands, that Iran is closer than she has ever been to acquiring them, that all non-military efforts to prevent her from acquiring them have failed and will continue to fail and that the window of opportunity for a preemptive military strike is fast closing.

Obama has been conspicuously silent about the nature, reality and advanced state of Iran’s nuclear weapons development program, about his utter failure to stop or even slow down the program and about the terrible price in blood and treasure Americans would pay should Iran become a nuclear power. His silence has misled the American people and lulled them into a deep sleep about Iran and her nuclear intentions. The silence and inaction have severely compromised the national security of the United States and made Americans unsafe and vulnerable…they have also enabled Iran to pursue her murderous intentions by developing her nuclear capability unhindered by America.

Obama has not told Americans how bad things really are and is doing them a terrible disservice by keeping silent. Iran wants to become a nuclear power for one reason and one reason only…to use her nuclear weapons against the United States and Israel. Obama’s silence and obvious unwillingness to take the only means possible to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power is aiding and abetting her to do exactly that.

So why is Obama silent and inert anyway? Is it because of election year politics? Is it because of his well-known and well-documented antipathy to Israel? Is it because he secretly sympathizes with and supports Iran’s intentions and the doctrine of hate they are based on? Is it because he has no real understanding or appreciation of the gravity of the situation? Is it because he is in the end anti-American and anti-Semitic? Is it because his personality renders him incapable of taking strong action, or any action at all? There are any number of possible reasons why he is being silent and inert but the fact is his silence and inaction have aided and abetted Iran and that if and when she becomes a nuclear power and uses her nuclear weapons against the United States and Israel the blame, responsibility and results will be largely on his shoulders.

Obama’s silence isn’t golden. It is completely and utterly callous and irresponsible. Coupled with his track record of unmitigated failure in every other area he has dealt with it means that the American people must toss him out of office in the upcoming presidential election for their good and the good of the country.

Hell, the survival of the country.

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