That answers that, Re: United Church blasted over Israel resolution, National Post, August 18, 2012

The General Council of the United Church of Canada just passed a resolution calling for a partial boycott of Israeli goods, to widespread ridicule, anger, opprobrium, contempt and sadness.

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The question is why…why would the United Church of Canada pass such a resolution?

Is it because the church is ignorant about Palestinians reality, history, intransigence, mentality, beliefs and attitudes and the true root causes of the conflict between them and Israelis, of the true root causes of the situation they are in?

Is it because the church is cowardly and afraid to criticize Palestinians in any way, shape or form because doing so would threaten the safety, security and lives of its members, including members of its General Council? Criticizing Israel is easy because Israelis, Jews, won’t respond violently. Criticizing Palestinians and the Palestinian narrative takes a great deal of courage because Islamists invariably respond with violence and/or the threat of violence when criticism is voiced.

Is it because the church is dishonest because it refuses to look at the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis honestly, objectively and with an open mind and heart, refuses to ascribe any blame or responsibility for the conflict on the Palestinians at all?

Is it because the church is blind and cannot see the reality that Israelis live with every day…cannot see that Palestinians don’t want to live in peace with Israel but want to destroy it…cannot see that Palestinians are consumed by hatred of Jews…cannot see that Jews are constantly vilified, maligned, denigrated, abused and belittled in Palestinian society…cannot see that Israel is constantly subjected to terrorist attacks by Palestinians…cannot see that Palestinians religion, Islam, mandates the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel?

Is it because the church is intellectually, morally and spiritually bankrupt because it accepts Israel’s plight and essentially blames Israelis for it… because it believes that Israelis are the authors of their own misfortune and that Israel’s policies (actually Israel’s very existence if the truth be told) are the impediment to peace and prosperity for Palestinians…because it rationalizes and excuses Palestinian behaviour that can only be described as inhuman and completely unacceptable by civilized human beings?

Is it because the remaining church members who are knowledgeable people of good heart and good conscience are being held hostage by naive, fashionable, left-wing, politically correct ideologues?

Is it because the church is nothing more than a useful tool for Islamists whose goal is to obliterate Israel, to wipe it off the map and remove it from the face of the earth, a useful stooge so to speak?

Is it because the church is anti-Semitic? In the end, that has to be a major reason why it passed such an idiotic, unbalanced resolution, objections to the contrary notwithstanding.

The answer to all these questions is yes, a resounding, unequivocal yes! The United Church of Canada is ignorant, cowardly, dishonest, blind, intellectually, morally and spiritually bankrupt and anti-Semitic…it is a useful tool for Islamists whose goal is to to kill Jews and destroy Israel and it has been hijacked by naive, fashionable, left-wing, politically correct ideologues.

It is also a dying institution. Its numbers have gone from approximately one million members fifty years ago to roughly 500,000 today with a further drop to 250,000 predicted in fifteen years to practically nothing by 2040. Its Christian members are voting with their feet and leaving it in droves.


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