Is this a sign that the mainstream media will tell the truth about Obama?, Re: Hit the Road, Barack/Why We Need a New President, Newsweek Magazine, August 20, 2012

Barack Obama is arguably the worst president in the history of the United States. He has led America and Americans to the brink of economic and social rack and ruin…flouted the law and the constitutional restraints of his office on any number of occasions…frequently lied about all manner of things…insulted, angered and caused our friends and allies to mistrust and turn away from us…made us weaker and our enemies stronger…presided over, encouraged and enabled the Islamization of the government and the country…diminished America’s standing in the world…eroded our values, principles and institutions and severely compromised our national security.

Among other things.

Many other things.

He has done all of this with the complicity of the mainstream media, which has given him an absolutely free ride and acted as acolytes and fawning cheerleaders instead of responsible, competent, objective, unbiased, investigative journalists. He has been completely immune from criticism in the mainstream media and the mainstream media has distorted, excused, glossed over or ignored his exceedingly poor (and exceedingly dangerous) performance. For all intents and purposes the mainstream media has acted as his personal flack and apologist and has helped him to deceive Americans and carry out his destructive policies and activities.

Needless to say, in doing so it has done us all a terrible disservice.

The tide may be changing however.

Newsweek magazine just published a cover story entitled Hit The Road, Barack/Why We Need a New President. The story enumerates his many failures, speaks about some of the dangers which lie ahead should he be returned to office in November’s presidential election, presents a devastating picture of his performance, gives clear, cogent reasons why he should not be re-elected and paints him as an incompetent, incoherent, narcissistic, spendthrift and fraud who is not fit to be president and never will be. The story is critical in the extreme and is impossible to refute because his track record cannot be disputed. It is the first story of its kind in the mainstream media and hopefully will lead to many more. After all, the mainstream media has failed to carry out its responsibility regarding Obama for a very long time and America and Americans have suffered as a result…it is long past time for it to make amends and America and Americans deserve nothing less.

Has Newsweek started something?

Time will tell, but let’s hope so.

Oh, and by the way, the story was written by Harvard and Oxford Professor Niall Ferguson, whose credentials are, as they say, impeccable.

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