Don’t worry about it Bashar, Re: Obama threatens Syria with U.S. military action if Assad regime crosses ‘RED LINE’ by using chemical weapons, Daily Mail, August 21, 2012

Talk about empty threats.

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President Obama has threatened to take military action if Syrian President Bashar al Assad were to use chemical weapons against his foes in the insurrection that is engulfing his country.

What a joke.

Short of an attack on America itself there is no way on earth Obama would take military action against Syria, no way at all. He has neither the will or the stomach for it and the chances of his using the U.S. military in Syria are zero, regardless of his rhetoric. If I were the Syrian President I wouldn’t worry about Obama in the least because his track record, ideology and personality show very clearly that there is no reason to. I know that, you know that, the international community knows that and Assad knows that too.

I’d worry about the Israelis though if I was Assad. They do have the will and the stomach (and the ability too for that matter) to take military action against Syria if they believe Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile poses a threat to them and there is no doubt whatsoever that they would if they thought it was necessary to protect themselves and their national security.

Rightfully so too.

Thanks to Obama, Assad doesn’t have to worry about the United States. He’d better worry about Israel though because the Israelis can’t, and won’t, permit him to use chemical weapons.

Of course, if this was written about Iran the last two sentences could just as easily read like this.

Thanks to Obama, Ahmadinejad doesn’t have to worry about the United States. He’d better worry about Israel though because the Israelis can’t, and won’t, permit the lunatics in Teheran to possess nuclear weapons.

Rightfully so too.

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