Corrie responsible for own death, not Israel or Israelis, Re: Rachel Corrie: Court rules Israel not at fault for death, BBC News, August 28, 2012

Rachel Corrie was a 23 year old pro-Palestinian member of the International Solidarity Movement from the United States who died in 2003 in Gaza when she placed herself in front of an Israeli Defence Forces bulldozer in the middle of military activity in a war zone and was accidentally run over and killed.

The International Solidarity Movement is opposed to Israel’s very existence and believes that the country has no right to self- defence…Corrie and other members were in Gaza to protect terrorists and to prevent the Israeli military from taking measures to stop the flow of arms and terrorists into Israel from Gaza, from taking measures to protect Israel and Israelis from widespread destruction and death at the hands of said terrorists, from taking measures to protect Israelis from inhuman, unspeakable atrocities committed by them

Corries family accused the Israeli Ministry of Defence and the Israeli Defence Forces of being negligent, claimed that her death could have and should have been avoided and sought redress through the courts in Israel.

The District Court in Haifa just ruled against them and absolved the MOD and the IDF of responsibility for her death. In bringing down the verdict the court ruled her death was accidental not intentional and was caused by caused by her own rash decisions and actions. According to the court she had several opportunities to leave the scene but chose to place herself in a dangerous situation and ended up dead as a result. It wasn’t the fault of the MOD or IDF…it was hers for placing herself in an extremely vulnerable position in a designated combat area to begin with and by extension the International Solidarity Movement and Palestinian terrorist organizations Hamas and Fatah for encouraging and enabling her to be there.

The verdict was both correct and just. It came after a fair, lengthy, exhaustive trial in which both sides had ample opportunity to present and defend their version of events. It should be noted that an expert who testified on behalf of the family said that the bulldozer driver could not possibly have seen Corrie and that a thorough investigation by the Israeli military in 2003 came to the conclusion that it was not responsible for her death.

It is clear now and was clear from the very beginning that Rachel Corrie was responsible for her own death…she was an adult capable of making her own decisions, misguided though they were in this case, and chose to place herself in the situation she did of her own free will. She certainly didn’t have to and could easily have avoided it. Her death was an unintended consequence of a very bad decision she made, actually a whole series of very bad decisions, but she and she alone made them. In the end, that makes her and her alone responsible for her death, even though she was manipulated, used, aided and abetted by the International Solidarity Movement and by Hamas and Fatah. She had to be aware that placing herself in front of a bulldozer in the middle of a combat operation in a war zone could result in her death but she chose to go ahead and do it anyway…whose responsibility is that if not hers?

Not yours, not mine and not the MOD or the IDF either.

Don’t expect it all to end here though. Her death and the Israeli verdict are exceedingly useful propaganda tools for those who hate Israel and Israelis, by those who would like to see Israel destroyed and don’t mind seeing Israeli blood spilled, by those who excuse Palestinian atrocities, by the useful idiots who believe the phony Palestinian narrative. Propaganda is what we can expect from this and propaganda is exactly what we’ll get. In fact, Corrie is far more valuable in death than she ever was in life.

Pity she didn’t recognize and understand that before she placed herself in front of the bulldozer.

Pity her family doesn’t recognize and understand that now.

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