Retreat leads to decline, decline leads to rot, rot leads to destruction and destruction leads to death, Re: Obama’s national retreat, Washington Times, August 29, 2012

America itself, the American ideal and American’s lives have gone backwards in every way imaginable since Barack Obama became president and there is no doubt that they will keep on going backwards if he is re-elected in Novembers presidential election. America is under retreat and the retreat has been led by Obama, the most dangerous president the United States of America has ever seen.

Obama has run roughshod over American values, institutions, laws and guiding principles and America and Americans have suffered greatly as a result. He is a socialist, big government ideologue with no real understanding or affection for America or Americans who has done his level best to change the nature and essence of the country…to inflict bureaucracy and mediocrity into all aspects of Americans lives… to make government all knowing, all seeing and all powerful…to shackle Americans and stifle the American spirit…to reduce the U.S. from leader of the free world and defender of freedom and democracy around the globe to a vassal state of the United Nations with no real independence…to wreck the American economy and make Americans dependent on government largesse…to turn the country from a free, democratic, pluralistic, secular nation into one in which Islam is dominant…to take the freest, most socially and economically successful country in the history of the world and make it into an Orwellian nightmare…to essentially destroy America and the American ideal and consign them to the garbage can of history. In doing so he has frequently lied to the American people and distorted his behaviour and actions.

And on and on. Obama hasn’t led America forward (unless you’re anti-American and cut from the same cloth he is) he has led it straight backwards and infinitely reduced its circumstances and the circumstances of the American people. There has been a great national retreat under Obama and that retreat will continue apace if he is re-elected because he will keep on doing what he has done in the past. Of that there is no doubt. Destroying the country from within was his goal from the very beginning and that is what he will continue to try and do if he is returned to office. It is orchestrated, it is deliberate, it is being done on purpose and it will continue if he is voted in again.

If patriotic Americans of good heart and good conscience think the country is in trouble now wait and see what happens if he wins in November. There will be more of everything…more poverty, more strife, more division, more government, more debt, more destruction of everything Americans hold dear, more lawbreaking, more lies and distortion, more Islam, more submission to the United Nations and the international community, more of everything Obama and his acolytes and fellow ideologues have brought us. There may even be a second revolutionary war as Americans wake up and refuse to accept tyranny and dictatorship, refuse to sit back and watch their country destroyed from within, refuse to wait until 2016 to vote Obama out of office because they’ll think it may be to late to save the country, and themselves for that matter, by then.

The formula is simple. Retreat leads to decline, decline leads to rot, rot leads to destruction and destruction leads to death, in this case the death of the United States of America and everything she stands for and has always stood for.

Retreat, decline, rot and destruction are well under way in America and the death of the country will follow if Obama is re-elected. The evidence is all around. That is why Americans have to vote him out of office in November. Freedom and democracy depend on it…their lives and the life of the country depend on it.

A vote for Obama is a vote against America and the American way of life. A vote for Obama is a vote for the destruction and death of the country. A vote for Obama is a vote for national suicide.

Pure and simple.

Like I said, the evidence is all around.

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