Romney’s hope and change versus Obama’s more of the same, Re: Romney Offers Vision Of Hope For America, Sets Himself Apart From Obama, Human Events, August 31, 2012

It is obvious by now that Mitt Romney is the candidate in the 2012 U.S. presidential election offering hope and change, not Barack Obama.

Obama campaigned and won on that theme in the 2008 election and was true to his word, at least about the change part. He kept his promise and changed the country alright, for the worse.

There is no doubt that America and Americans are far worse off than they were when he was elected in 2008 and there is also no doubt that the decline for America and Americans will continue if he is re-elected in 2012 because he is bereft of ideas to fix things, because the ideas that he does have will only make things worse and because he doesn’t have the personality or leadership skills to get anything positive done anyway. He can’t honestly offer hope and change anymore. All he can offer is more of the same.

The fact that he can’t honestly offer hope and change again is perhaps the biggest indication of all that his presidency has been an utter failure and that Americans would be foolish to return him to office because all he can offer and is offering is more of the same.

Romney can honestly offer hope and change in the coming years if he is elected president however and that is exactly what he’s doing. He’s telling the American people that they can legitimately hope for a better future for them and their children if they elect him in November, that he will reverse the economic and social decline that Obama was responsible for, that his policies will get America moving forward again instead of continuing to slide backward, that he will restore America’s leadership role and standing in the world, that he will make the military strong and capable again and that Americans will have a better, safer life if he wins the election. He’s also offering concrete, specific plans to accomplish all of that and plainly has the personality, leadership skills, drive and commitment to get the job done.

He’s also pledging to defend and protect the American ideal and the American narrative and Americas values, principles and institutions and to act within them instead of bending them to his own will for personal political gain as Obama has done and will keep on doing if he is returned to office.

Unlike Obama, instead of speaking in platitudes and generalities and running a negative campaign based on fear and lies, Romney is appealing to the best that is in America and Americans rather than the worst. He’s running a positive campaign based on patriotism and ideas rather than a negative campaign based on a cult of personality and blame and infused with lies and distortions and an anti-American animus as Obama is doing.

Romney’s hope and change or Obama’s more of the same. That’s what Americans are voting for in November.

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