The great question of our day, Re: Medieval minds, Toronto Sun, September 9, 2012

Men with medieval minds seeking to replace western civilization with lslam and Islamic law, Sharia, are the biggest single threat there is to the survival of the western world…to the survival of freedom, democracy, secularism, pluralism and everything else westerners value and hold dear…to the survival of every western country there is…to the survival of non-Islamists everywhere, especially Christians and Jews.

I say men with medieval minds because under Islam women aren’t permitted to have minds, medieval or otherwise.

Western civilization is under attack all over the world by Islamic countries, organizations and individuals (men with medieval minds) who would like nothing more than to destroy it lock, stock and barrel and replace it with Islam and Sharia…all over the world men with medieval minds who hate and revile western civilization and its values, principles, institutions and way of life are working very hard both overtly and covertly to replace them with Islam and Sharia. That is happening in every western country there is, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany and all of the other countries in Europe, Australia, Israel, everywhere.

Put another way, there isn’t a western country anywhere that isn’t under attack by men with medieval minds (by Islamic countries, organizations and individuals) and there isn’t a western country anywhere that hasn’t been seriously affected by them…from no-go zones in a whole list of countries to the infiltration of western governments and militaries (including the U.S.) to achieving accommodation for Islamic requirements at the expense of western law and customs to shutting down free speech and freedom of expression to running roughshod over neighborhoods and public spaces to building huge mosques which are entirely out of place with their surroundings to committing violent, unspeakable crimes in the name of Islam to inciting hatred and violence…virtually every western country there is is experiencing these things and more and every single western country there is is in a fight for its life with men with medieval minds who are trying to turn it into an Islamic theocracy, your country and mine included.

Make no mistake, the west is in a war for survival with these men with medieval minds.

Make no mistake, if the west loses the west dies and you and I do too.

How to win the war for survival is the great question of the day.

What can westerners do to protect and preserve their values, principles,institutions and way of life, to preserve and protect freedom and democracy, to preserve and protect their lives and their families lives?

How about learning as much as we can about the true nature, reality, history and essence of Islam? And not from Islamists or its apologists either.

How about insisting that politicians and authorities uphold the law of the land and make no special accommodations for Islam or Islamists?

How about creating a law that says committing a crime or anti-social act in the name of Islam be considered a crime in itself, carry an automatic jail sentence and make the perpetrator subject to deportation?

How about reforming immigration laws and keeping out individuals who obviously don’t subscribe to western values or consider themselves subject to western law?

How about refusing to financially assist in any way, shape or form countries that actively sow terror on our shores or that spew hatred and contempt towards us?

How about standing up and refusing to be intimidated whenever an Islamist tries to prevent us from exercising our rights or freedoms?

How about purging our governments, militaries and institutions of those who would bring us down?

How about making ourselves energy independent?

How about supporting Israel as she battles for her very existence with the lunatics surrounding her?

And if you’re American, how about doing everything you possibly can to keep Barack Obama from being re-elected president in November?

How about indeed…we are in a war for survival after all.

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