More 9/11s to come, Re: There Are Still Fathers, Sisters, Cousins, Partners, Friends Running Into Those Burning Towers, Atlas Shrugs, September 10, 2012

Today is the eleventh anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil in the history of the United States.

On this day eleven years ago 2,976 people were murdered by Islamic terrorists acting in the name of Islam who flew hijacked passenger planes into the World Trade Center in New York City.

Two other passenger planes were also hijacked that day. One was flown into the Pentagon and one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania as passengers foiled the hijackers attempt to fly it into the White House.

One thing is clear on the eleventh anniversary of these terrible events.

There are more 9/11s to come. There will be more large-scale terrorist attacks on American soil by Islamists acting in the name of Islam, more mass murder of people in their thousands. How these attacks will happen remains to be seen but happen they will.


Because Americans have failed to recognize and understand that Islam is completely incompatible with the free, democratic, secular, pluralist society they live in and that American values, principles and doctrines are totally anathema to Islam and Islamists and have no place in Islamic societies.

Because Americans have failed to recognize and understand that Islamists hate and revile them and their way of life because they violate Islamic teachings and requirements by their very existence, that they are viewed as inferior beings of no worth at all.

Because Americans have failed to recognize and understand that Islamists and Islam are bound and determined to conquer and subjugate them and turn the United States into an Islamic country ruled by Islam and Islamic law (Sharia) regardless of the cost in blood or anything else.

Because Americans have been conned into thinking that Islam is a religion of peace and is benign and means them no harm whereas in reality it is a religion of savagery, violence, hatred, cruelty, misogyny, intolerance and forced submission and conformity whose purpose is to get them all to submit to it whether they want to or not.

Because all over the country accommodations and concessions are being made to Islamists and Islam at the expense of American values, customs, laws and freedoms, because all over the country American values, customs, laws and freedoms are being eroded or eradicated as the United States becomes more and more Islamized.

Because American institutions and governments, including the federal government and the military, have been infiltrated by Islamists who are working very hard to cripple America and make Islam predominant.

Because in 2008 America elected a president, Barack Hussein Obama, who has utterly failed to slow down or stop the Islamic tide, a president who has in fact done a great deal to encourage and enable it.

Because American police, military, security and intelligence agencies have been hobbled and shackled by inane rules and regulations which make it easier for Islamists to carry out their nefarious activities, including rules and regulations which make linking Islam and Islamists to terror and terrorist acts verboten.

Because Americans have allowed Islamic terrorist governments and organizations around the world to become stronger and more capable, while at the same time becoming weaker and less capable themselves.

Because Americans simply do not recognize or understand that Islam and Islamists are at war with them and see mass murder as a useful and perfectly legitimate weapon in their quest to bring the U.S. to its knees and force everyone in it to submit to Islam and live an Islamic life.

And on and on…

More 9/11s are on the way alright. Its too late to prevent them but it isn’t too late to win the war and keep Islam and Islamists from taking over.

Americans better wake up soon though before it really is too late.

A good start to winning the war would be removing Barack Hussein Obama from office in the November presidential election.

Actually, that’s more than a good start, that’s absolutely necessary.

That’s also a fitting memorial to all those who died on September 11, 2001 at the hands of Islamic terrorists acting in the name of Islam.

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